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10 things you can do with your friends besides going out to dinner

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  • Aristotle said that, without friendship, people cannot be happy: “In poverty and other misfortunes of life, true friends are a refuge. Good friends can be a great support and a sounding board under any circumstances. If we receive good news, we would like to call them and celebrate it in their company. And if we go through a bad time, friends are on our side to listen, give us advice and try to get us out of the hole. We rejoice with their joys, we grieve with their sorrows…

    According to Aussie online pokies  the two main treasures of friendship are understanding and protection. True friends really know us, they know who we are under the masks we wear to live in society. They love us as we are and do everything in their power to make us the best version of ourselves. This journalist and writer from Barcelona, who has travelled for years to study the different ways of celebrating life and friendship, states that, rather than seeking the benefits of friendship.

    May, they point out that having friends can help us improve our well-being and longevity. It is already known that older people who have close friends are happier than those who do not, but in addition, people without friends around them are more likely to develop chronic diseases, such as heart problems, diabetes or depression. Studies also show that despite the proliferation of social networks, which seemingly help us to be more in touch with others, their use does not necessarily translate into more face-to-face encounters. We may be more “connected,” yes, but not more truly connected.

    Although it is not always easy to maintain friendships: our frenetic pace of life, different family priorities, such as caring for children or parents, different personal and interest developments, can make it difficult to feel close to our lifelong friends. Being a good friend and maintaining a relationship over the years requires some effort.

    But sometimes it happens that in addition to seeing little, when we finally do end up staying almost always to do the same things: dinner, go to the movies or a concert, have a drink …. Here are ten proposals that will help us enrich our friendships and deepen our ties with “the chosen family” in a different way:

    1. Improvise

    Sometimes we try to date a person but crossing agendas becomes impossible. When one does well, the other cannot, and vice versa. Let’s leave the agenda aside for a day and propose an improvised meeting, even if it’s half an hour, today. Neither tomorrow nor next week: today. Spontaneity is a very necessary quality to cultivate, much more so as we get older.

    1. Exchange of knowledge

    Forget the Youtube tutorials. If your friend is an expert in eye makeup, meet her one afternoon and ask her to teach you. In return, you can offer to supervise the writing of her resume or teach her how to file a tax return; or you can give her a class on something you’re passionate about, such as yoga or hypopressive abs. Creativity to power.

    1. Soup Day

    Organize a thematic lunch at home and ask all your friends to bring their best soup recipe (or croquettes, or…), the one they always get, the one their grandmother taught them, the one that comforts them the most… You will discover new flavours, you will have fun and, when you finish, you can exchange recipes, which you will have brought printed from home. Now that the good weather is approaching, you can make cold soups or salads. It doesn’t matter so much the dish as the intention to share something nutritious for the body and the soul.

    1. Forget Whatsapp

    Sometimes it is difficult to meet with some people because our schedules or life circumstances are incompatible. In such cases contact may be limited to an occasional text message, or “I like it” or commentary on social networks. The proposal is that, if the face-to-face meeting is not possible, you propose to talk on the phone at least once a week. Talking on the phone is gradually becoming a rarity, and it can be nice to end a long day chatting with a good friend, without haste, along with a good infusion or a glass of wine, if that is the case. If you want to raise the level of the proposal you can propose to write you a letter of those of before, with paper, ink, envelope and stamp, to the month. Even if it is only a page, nothing beats the magic of receiving the written and rested word of a good friend.

    1. Share ideas, not criticisms

    They say the national sport is envy… and also criticism. Sometimes we confuse friendship with gossip, and we get used to our meetings focusing on commenting on the latest rumor or repeating unkind comments that we dedicate, almost always, to others. Try to base your conversations on the ideas you want to share and discuss, not on other people. You will see that the quality of the exchange improves and that when you finish you feel much lighter than if you have spent all the time getting involved with others. And take care not to turn your friend into a container of complaints, sorrows and claims. It is okay to share what worries us, but if we only let go of what is negative, we will be maintaining a relationship of low level and few chances of survival.

    1. Friendship on the move

    It has become a popular anecdote for Steve Jobs to meet his collaborators while they were taking a walk. Forget about meeting your friend for dinner. Take a pair of sneakers to work, and when you’re done, take a good walk around the city. We often complain that we don’t have time to exercise, and this can be a different way to share a good time and take care of ourselves at the same time.

    1. A photo album

    How many funny images with your best friend do you have inside your mobile or on your computer? Take your best photos, print them and spend a fun afternoon organizing and pasting them in an album just for you, while you remember all those good moments together.

    1. Enter “in the kitchen”.

    Spend an afternoon or evening with each other in their daily routine. What this is about is making an appointment, not to do something special or glamorous, but to put yourself in your friend’s shoes and accompany him or her while doing the daily chores of any other day: picking up children at school, shopping, errands, dinner… By “getting into the kitchen” of each other’s lives we can get to know each other much better in their own environment, and we will also develop our empathy, one of the qualities that, along with attentive listening, will be most appreciated by our friends.


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