Three of the Best

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  • There are so many apps to download that we can fill our phones up with them taking up valuable space – apps that we have not used for years – that game that we lost interest in – we are all guilty of hoarding apps till we are fit to burst.

    One of the main problems and reason why we house so many unwanted apps is that there is such an enormous selection of them for Android phones in the Google Play Store – it’s easy to browse and download apps that we ‘might’ find interesting or useful on the commute to work or in our lunch hour when in fact all they are likely to do is gather virtual dust.

    This is especially true for gamers – sure there are the tried and tested favourites, slots like Rainbow Riches do not stand the test of time unless they are worth playing and can keep players entertained – but for every Rainbow Riches there are dozens of terrible gaming apps that are a simple waste of space.

    Luckily there are still some gems out there and if you are into your adventure games then Oceanhorn might just be the game for you especially if you are a Legend of Zelda fan. Oceanhorn has great visuals and a good soundtrack with a solid narrative and it’s easy to play.

    Racing games got to be so realistic that some developers forgot that they were supposed to be fun. Horizon Chase might not look as if you are there but the game is fun, vibrant, colourful oh and fun too.

    First person games are always popular and one of the most popular games in the world – no, scratch that – THE most popular games in the world is available on Android and that is Fortnite which you can get from the Epic Games website. This battle royale-style game is crammed with colours and strategies where players have to master building structures in order to stay up there with the best and compete – but even if you don’t want to be up there with the best Fortnite is still a pretty awesome game to play.