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Check out these 8 unusual/weird casino games

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  • Casino aficionados rejoice: There are even more nutty and crazy games that you might have thought, and we have found them for you. If you need a slight break from the traditional offerings that you can find anywhere, check out these incredibly unique and fun alternatives that most will appreciate. Of course, if these aren’t to your liking, you can check out other game variations at Casumo online casino.

    E-Games Gaming

    Have you ever thought about betting on betting? You may not know just how deep the rabbit hole goes when it comes to e-gaming, but one of the most popular up and coming trends is to bet on online games. Is there an e-poker match that you don’t feel like playing – but you still want a payday? Sit in the audience and make it exciting by putting your money where someone else’s mouth is. Some platforms even let you put down on a player’s holdings, which adds another level of strategy to games like poker.

    Roulette Pinball

    Everyone loves pinball, and everyone loves roulette. There is one huge problem – you usually never find these two great games in the same place. They have finally been combined into a fun and exciting new game that can keep you enthralled for hours. With a bit of luck and a bit of skill (skilled luck, anyone?), you can be the next big winner and score a few laughs in the process.


    Do you remember yelling out this nonsense word during family gatherings? Well now you can do it online and make a bit of money at the same time. If you were good at the game as a kid, you can really clean up. The rules online are exactly what you remember, minus Uncle Charlie cheating by hiding his roll when no one was looking.


    The community around online Uno is actually quite mature – the popularity of this card game translated extraordinarily well into the online casino space. Games can be ruthless, and you should expect no family-friendliness from this normally family-friendly game.

    The Chicken Challenge

    If you can make your way to the Atlantic City Tropicana Hotel and Casino, you can try your luck against Ginger, a chicken with a knack for playing naughts and crosses (tic tac toe). If you win, you can pick up as much as USD $10,000. You may think that this is an easy thing to do, but the house doesn’t make its money by being stupid. You will have to come up with a game strategy that is truly unique in order to win!


    When it came out at first, it was considered a knock off of Tetris. Now, thanks to some incredible licensing deals between the founders and many mobile companies, Bejeweled is one of the most popular stack and pack games on the planet. It is so popular that it has its own legion of knock offs as well. However, if you know how to bust gems, you can win some real money these days with the same rules in place. Things move a bit faster, so be prepared. That may just be nerves, though!

    Rodent Roulette

    Let’s hope that you don’t have a fear of gerbils, rats or mice. If not, then you can try your hand at this game in which rodents are put in boxes on a roulette wheel. (No animals are harmed in the making of this game.) When the wheel is given a spin, the animals walk around until they finally pick a box and hide in it. If they walk into a box that you have bet on, then you instantly win!


    Can you actually play Jenga, one of the premier physics games around, on an online platform? The answer is, yes, you absolutely can. Actually, you can play it as an online slot game, which makes it an even weirder premise. It was a game of a steady hand; now there is a lot more luck involved. However, you still benefit from a bit of skill.

    These are just a few of the weird games that you can find in casinos.

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