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Noob Mistakes to Avoid in CS: GO

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  • It’s not always that we’re able to notice our own mistakes. Many times, we notice that things are not exactly going accordingly, yet have no idea that it’s from our own doing. In CS: GO, just like in any other game, new people are not aware of what to do in all situations and end up being in the way of their teammates. Not only that but seem to be more concerned with the best CS: GO case to open instead of their own gaming skills.

    If you’re here to find out what’s wrong with your gameplay, here you will learn about some of the most common mistakes done by beginners.

    1. Not Warming Up

    You may not always have time to play the game, at least not on a daily basis. That’s okay, we’re human after all, and responsibilities get in the way of many things.

    However, if you’re a beginner and you miss a few days of gameplay, yet you’re not doing a warmup, you may not have a good performance at all. In fact, you might notice you’ve forgotten some of the previously learned skills, and not know what to do.

    This is why it’s better to play some warm-up matches before jumping into more serious ones, and then you’ll be able to perform better.

    1. Shooting and Running Around at the Same Time

    Probably one of the most common mistakes seen in noobs is their simultaneous running and shooting. Although standing doesn’t seem like the greatest option when enemies are nearby, running as you shoot will only ruin your aim. The bullets will go all over the place, and you will miss the target, probably even getting killed by the enemies in the process.

    If you’re doing this, you should know that standing still while shooting is the way to go. This will help you properly aim and have better chances of accurately shooting the opponent. Moving can be done too, but only in between shots, so pay attention to this aspect.

    1. Not Maintaining Communication

    If you’re not communicating with your team, you’re setting yourself up for a big defeat. You may not be the social type, but if you plan on becoming better at this game, you have no other choice but to talk to them if you want to win.

    Communication will help you come up with a plan and tell valuable information to your teammates. You have the options to do it in the chat, through either text or voice.

    1. Carelessly Running Around the Map

    Seriously though, who would mindlessly run around the map knowing enemies could spot him at any time? Any wrong move could cost you a lot, as well as your team. Therefore, you need to calculate all of your movements, crouches, runs and so on. Otherwise, you’re committing in-game suicide.

    Final Thoughts

    We’re all at the beginner stage at one point, so mistakes are bound to be made. Becoming aware of them will help you move forward in a much faster fashion while avoiding the same issues you made in the past. If you made any of these mistakes, you’re now hopefully aware of them and will stop.

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