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10 Reasons why Spiderman is the best marvel superhero ever 

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  • In a world full of superhero stories, finding the stand-out performer is not as easy as one might assume. Superheroes, for the longest time, have been portrayed as indestructible, extremely powerful individuals with unimaginable skill sets.

    However, when considering superheroes from the perspective of brilliance and personality, it is difficult to assume one highly relatable character, namely Spiderman.

    Since the first release, Spiderman has been a revelation to many and is undoubtedly among the most popular superheroes of our time. In fact, for many people, Spiderman is the best marvel superhero ever; here are ten reasons why.

    1. Sense of humor 

    Of all marvel superheroes, it goes without saying that Spiderman and Deadpool are easily the funniest characters. Put simply, it is impossible to assume the witty and often hilarious responses issued by Spiderman to his rivals when out on a mission.

    The combination of braveness and adult humor gives Spiderman an edge over other marvel superheroes. Interestingly, all comic book and movie releases have maintained humor as a basic part of Spiderman`s character. Unlike other marvel superheroes such as Captain America or even hulk, Spiderman is never shy to express himself through sarcastic humor. This makes him easy to relate with, and of course, a great superhero to follow when out on a mission.

    2. Intelligence 

    Although Spiderman lacks the physical strength of Thor or Deadpool`s agility, he comfortably ranks highly in the list of Marvel`s most intelligent superheroes. While out on his missions, it is not unusual for Spiderman to find himself in tricky situations that need immediate responses.

    His intelligence in his personal life as well as in emergency situations make Spiderman stand out as a smart character. For most fans, watching Spiderman outmaneuver his rivals without relying on superhuman strength is a real treat, and one that easily makes Spiderman a fan-favorite.

    3. Willpower 

    Except for Deadpool, a host of Marvel superheroes rarely get a thorough beating. Sure, his lack of physical strength does contribute to his overall battering; however, it is Spiderman`s willpower and resilience that make him stand out as a unique superhero. Despite the several setbacks that he is forced to contend with, Spiderman never backs out from a challenge, be it the Green Goblin, Lizard, electro or venom. Although all marvel superheroes face up against worthy rivals, nothing beats Spiderman`s willpower when it comes to handling opponents who are far more superior and better placed to defeat him.

    4. Unique powers

    Impressively, spiderman does not require Thor`s hammer, Ironman`s inventions, or Captain America’s shield to save the day. His spider web, reflexes, agility and wall crawling skills equip him with the tools required to save the day. It is not every day that you get to see a superhero climbing towers using his hands and swinging off of skyscrapers while fighting crime. Despite lacking the normal superpowers such as strength and speed, Spiderman is efficient as he has mastered how to use his skills to defeat his arch rivals.

    5. He is normal without the costume

    Take off the Spiderman costume and you have Peter Parker. As anyone who has watched Spiderman can attest, Peter struggles to find a balance between his personal life and being a superhero. If you ask Spiderman whether he views himself as a superhero, the answer will probably be no. Despite the overflow of unique powers, Peter is always humble and looking to help out even without the costume. This makes him lovable, especially due to his commitment to do good whether in a Spiderman costume or not

    6. Unique story

    Everybody loves it when an underdog becomes empowered. Before being bit by a radioactive spider, Peter was a geeky high school student ever targeted by bullies. The empowering storyline creates an emotional connection with Spiderman as viewers perceive him as an ordinary individual whose life changed after a spider bite. Although other superheroes have unique storylines as well, Spiderman’s rise from grass to grace makes him relatable to fans as people view him as a human superhero. Spiderman is not just a superhero, instead, he is widely viewed an inspiration. His story proves that fortunes can change, and that anyone, even the powerless, can become superheroes.

    7. Overcomes different challenges

    It is safe to assert that full time superheroes such as Thor have it easy. To put it in perspective, superheroes from foreign lands or alternate universes do not have to hide their powers.

    Instead, they fight off villains much to the amusement of people. However, for Spiderman, hiding his identity is a priority since Spiderman is not automatically recognized as a superhero.

    Spiderman not only emerges victorious in battles with his arch rivals but he also overcomes the bad publicity and establishes himself as a hero. Therefore, as can be seen, Spiderman`s commitment to his cause makes him the best marvel superhero since he consistently manages to overcome all challenges coming his way.

    8. An array of rivals 

    As every fan must be aware, Spiderman usually faces completely different arch rivals with each release. It is impressive to see how Spiderman, with his normal powers, deals with rivals who brag of unique and highly superior powers.

    However, it is Spiderman`s enormous character and perseverance that help him to overcome his various rivals. Despite most rivals such as the Green Goblin, Venom and Electro being more powerful than Spiderman, he always emerges victorious due to his willpower and determination. The presence of unique villains and a variety of arch rivals make Spiderman a great superhero, more so since he has to adapt in a bid to defeat the different rivals.

    9. Human mentor 

    That Spiderman`s mentor was Peter`s uncle is unbelievable. As is the trend, most superheroes are usually trained by their skilled and highly experienced mentors.

    However, for spiderman, the script was completely different as he was guided by his uncle who had no prior experience fighting crime or handling superpowers. Although Peter`s uncle died early on in the story, Peter learnt life-changing things from his uncle Ben who was instrumental to his life as a superhero. Spiderman`s lack of military training, or months of seclusion in the middle of nowhere makes him even more unique and loveable as a superhero.

    10. Spiderman has been through it all 

    Besides being one of the most popular superheroes amongst adult comic book fans, Spiderman has been through a lot in his personal life. While other superheroes also underwent through some traumatizing experiences in their personal lives, the death of Peter`s uncle, constant bullying in school, lack of friends and a lack of appreciation are some of the struggles faced by Spiderman.

    Yet, despite all the challenges, Spiderman is always committed to helping others as opposed to focusing on his personal life. Spiderman`s selflessness makes him the greatest ever marvel superhero.

    From the never say die attitude to his ever witty comments, Spiderman`s charming personality makes him appear every bit human despite having super powers.

    Is spiderman your greatest ever superhero? Do you know spiderman die-hard fans? Check out these awesome gift ideas for adult spiderman fans, and let the world know!

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