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Is League of Legends the geekiest game of all-time?

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  • There is no use denying the awesome gaming heritage of League of Legends. Ever since Riot Games released this multiplayer online battle arena title back in 2009, LoL has become one of the most popular games ever and has even become the most successful esports of all-time.

    Despite the global acclaim of League of Legends, there are sneaking concerns that this title is by far the geekiest game of all-time. Whilst this shouldn’t matter in the nerd-friendly world of online gaming, it does mean that LoL esports might never truly pass into the mainstream.

    But with over 100 million people actively playing League of Legends each month in 2016, it seems that there are more nerds out there than we’d previously realised. Here’s a quick look at how LoL has such a geek-friendly gaming success.

    Ultra-nerdy terminology

    Many games have their own slang and expressions that gradually evolve over time. But the League of Legends universe almost has its own weird language that can often seem completely baffling to newcomers. Thanks to the exploits of a certain streamer a few years ago, the immortal call of ‘Penta Papa Johns’ was heard everywhere in the LoL universe, and we’ve seen many other forms of nonsense coming out of the mouths of ardent League of Legends players.

    Such bizarre sayings are hardly surprising when most LoL gamers think nothing of putting in epic gaming sessions of over five hours each day. However, it’s not just nerds babbling about their love of Papa Johns and Reeses, as a lot of this terminology has its own use in the player’s gaming success. Whilst shouting out something like ‘Jungler, gank my lane now’ might sound like nonsense to most people, for LoL gamers, such outbursts lets them know exactly what to do in the battle arena mayhem.

    Researching your characters

    The League of Legends universe is wonderfully complex with all manner of back stories about the characters for geeks to indulge in. Whilst it’s also good to know about the capacities of the character that you are playing, as usual, it seems that some nerds go a little overboard when it comes to getting to know their champions.

    Obviously, if you are wanting to place a bet on a League of Legends team at a site like lolbettingsites.com, then it makes perfect sense that you check out some streams on the competing characters. But when you go beyond looking up builds and start getting too into backstories like why Corki was forced into retirement, and why Varus is committed to his vengeance against the Icathians, it might be time to take a break.

    When geeks go bad

    Ultimately, it’s the outrageously toxic nature of the LoL gaming community that makes it so impenetrable to outsiders. Anybody who has registered a new account and introduces themselves will frequently be confronted with all manner of abuse, and you’d be lucky to just get called a noob or a kid when you first start your League of Legends gaming journey.

    What’s interesting is that the ‘Please uninstall’ insult has also started to gain currency in the LoL universe. You’ll probably hear this from geeks who are trying to develop their own game and who are secretly hoping that Riot Games go out of business.

    Whilst such tirades might seem nasty, by developing a slightly thicker skin, you’ll realise that this is just a standard part of the LoL community. And although some of the outbursts might seem antisocial, it actually can help to make the gaming a whole lot more fun.

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