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12 Vintage Slot Machines That Brings Back Memories

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  • One of the trends we’ve noticed over the last few years of tracking online gaming is the complexity of playing slots online. From 3D slots which have transformed the medium completely, to live online slots that offer a similar experience to traditional brick and mortar establishments, the world is your oyster.

    With that said, vintage slots still remain a firm favorite for nostalgic players and anyone that’s looking for a simple and laidback playing experience.

    After doing some research, we found that you can still get vintage slots at online casinos. Most of them are replicas of the original slot machines, while others are a reimagining of favorites like Roulette and Fruit Ninja.

    Read on for a list of our favorite vintage slots that you can play online today:

    1. Roulette:

    There’s a reason why Roulette is one of the most popular slots around centuries after it was first invented in the 1800s.  It’s one of the easiest and most interesting slots to play, hence it’s a favored by novice and experienced players alike. All you have to do is bet on a particular color and number combination and see if the wheel spins in your favor.

    Micro Roulette in particular, is one of the most realistic recreations of this unforgettable slot, and it’s based on the same principles of traditional European roulette. Micro Roulette is user friendly and 100% free to play online. Also, it’s more fun to play than the American version because there’s one 0 on the wheel, which tips the luck in the player’s favor.

    1. Cash Machine:

    Cash Machine is another wildly popular vintage slot which has traditional casino feel to it. This game comes with five reels and five paylines on a background of a retro-looking fruit machine. It’s a high variance slot that favors the long game, and it’s perfect for anyone that wants to spend an afternoon brushing up on their skills.

    With that said, this slot is as easy as they come, requiring only that you click once to activate the spinning reel.   Some of the most notable symbols on this slot include lemons, cherries, sevens, three-bars and the all-important Big Win symbols. You need to match at least four of these symbols to see catch the big prize and it’s super fun to play.

    1. Fruit Zen:

    An homage to vintage slots wouldn’t be complete without Fruit Zen. If you’re looking for some mindless fun, then you’ll enjoy the simplicity of this game. Just spin the reel to reveal your winnings and start all over again to try your luck.

    This game is reminiscent of Fruit Ninja, that unique and endearing slot that managed to combine Japanese culture with colorful fruit icons. It features ten possible paylines spread across five reels to give you that old-school feeling of playing in an arcade.

    1. Burning Wins:

    Burning Wins is a rather new slot that looks and functions just like a combination of old schools slots. It offers five paylines spread across 3×3 reels, and the different symbols used include lemons, oranges, plums, melons and cherries. Needless to say, it has that gaudy, colorful yet satisfying atmosphere about it that’ll remind you of a simpler time. Be sure to look out for the 777 symbols and go after them to score big.

    1. Twin Spin Deluxe:

    TwinSpin is one of NetEnt’s biggest success stories. This remake stays true to the original with a bigger 6×5 grid that offers more fun, possibilities and variables for the player to enjoy.

    Old school punters will also enjoy the electronic beats and neon lights that come with this game as they’ll remind you of 80s disco and fashion.

    To win, simply collect the blue diamonds and bells which are the highest paying symbols.  The best part about this retro slot is that it’s made according to responsive design which means you can play it on your PC and mobile device as well.

    1. Mills Black Cherry:

    The Mills Black Cherry Slot machine made its debut back in the 1940s. All you had to do was insert a quarter into the machine, crank it up, check the screen, rinse and repeat. The object of this slot was to hit three bars and get three identical cherry symbols at once to get the jackpot.

    Nowadays, you can download the Black Cherry slot from the iTunes and Google Play stores and enjoy an addictive and memorable game.

    1. Couch Potato:

    With 3 reels and 3 rows per payline, this slot is about as easy and simple as they get. It comes with all the familiar fruit symbols like cherries, bars and 777s, as well as a special and wild Couch Potato TV symbol that offers a generous multiplier value.

    1. Wheel of Wealth:

    Wheel of Wealth is like Wheel of Fortune, except with a bonus feature. Otherwise, it has the same 3 reels to choose from and 1 payline for you to bet with 1 to 3 coins on.

    1. Bar Bar Blacksheep:

    As the name implies, this slot is inspired by the old-school English nursery rhyme of the same name. In keeping with the theme, this slot features bars instead of “baas!’, a white sheep, bags of wool and a blacksheep that gives you the coveted jackpot.

    1. Mega Joker:

    This fruit machine slot from NetEnt has the same look and feel as the vintage fruit slot machines of old. You only need one coin to get started, and you’ll find that it has all the symbols you’re used to, including grapes, melons, cherries, lemons and ‘The Joker.”

    1. Ace of Spades:

    This is one of those evergreen slots that will never go out of style. The ever-cool Ace of Spades slot features a small 3×3 reel setup, as well as symbols like clovers, spades, golden crowns and other card icons.

    1. Deal or no Deal:

    This old school slot is a great way to relive the beloved show which was unfortunately discontinued a few years ago. Just like the game, this slot presents the player with the ever-enticing red box and a mid-game call from the Banker.

    This slot is made possible by Blueprint Gaming and although it’s not based on a vintage slot machine, it has a ring of nostalgia to it due to its association with the classic game show.

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