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Turning Your Home Into the Ultimate Gaming Dream Home

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  • The latest figures show that 59 percent of adults in the U.S. say that they are gamers. With so many individuals playing games on their phones, in arcades, on computers, and on their favorite consoles, it is no surprise that many people dedicate entire rooms to the activity. Some of the most devoted players even dream of theming their entire homes around gaming. Thankfully, this goal is more reasonable than most believe. Explore three tips for turning your existing home into the ultimate gaming dream home.

    Get the financing needed to fund your renovations and purchases

    Transforming your place into the ultimate gamer home will not only take time, but it will require some serious cash. Low-end renovations to basements typically cost around $6,500, while the other rooms in your home can cost even more. Although your costs will ultimately depend on how much work you want done, and your individual budget, it is good to plan on spending several thousand per room. In addition to the physical renovations you want to complete in each room, be mindful of what costs you plan to incur in additional gaming systems, televisions, sound systems, games, and gaming-related accessories. Once you’ve estimated how much you want to spend, you’ll need to start saving, or find a source of financing. One of the best ways to acquire these funds is through the value of your current home. If you already have equity built up, you can refinance your current home to get the cash you need.

    Plan out the design of each room

    Before knowing what you’ll need to buy and what contractors you’ll need to hire, you must first plan out the design of each room you plan to renovate. Even if you aren’t anything close to a professional artist, draw a concept of each room. Answer questions like the following for every renovation area: Will you be painting the room or adding wallpaper? Do you need to renovate the physical room design by adding or removing walls or doors? What electronics will be part of the room? Do you need to install additional outlets or cable adapters? Get creative with how you want the room to look. Chances are that if you can dream up a specialty design concept, you will be able to find someone who can make your vision a reality.

    Bring your ideas to life

    After you’ve sketched out a tentative design of each room, it is time to get to work. Decide which of your projects you and the people you know can complete, and which will require the expertise of contractors. To find the best people for each job, explore reviews online, and ask those around you about people they have hired. If you have a particularly challenging project, be sure to interview several contractors prior to signing or paying anything. Additionally, this is the step in which you should be buying the items needed for each room. Once construction and painting is completed in a given room, set up specialty accessories, gaming chairs, consoles, televisions, and more.

    With a bit of funding, time, and work, turning your current home into the ultimate gaming dream home can be a reality.

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