Which esports are going to be big news in 2019?

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  • Anybody is who is into video gaming will know that esports have transformed the way that we play games competitively. Esports is set to become a billion dollar industry this year, and there is a real fight on amongst gaming developers to make sure that their titles are perfectly suited for competitive gaming.

    Whilst some games like Blizzard Entertainment’s Heroes of the Storm have fallen by the wayside, other titles like League of Legends and Counter Strike Global Offensive seem to be relentlessly popular. But which newer titles are set to make it big in 2019?

    Recently we have seen games like Overwatch and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds making big waves on the competitive gaming scene. Whilst some critics have stated that PUBG competitions are a little boring for the viewer experience, the action-packed capers of Overwatch have become a real hit in the esports domain.

    However, last year was truly taken over by the likes of Fortnite. This awesome battle arena title from Epic Games wowed gamers thanks to its battle royale action and fun graphics. But it seems that it is still being slow to make a big impression in competitive gaming, and if you take a look at any of the bookmakers featured on the www.esports.net betting resource, then you will see how there are still relatively few Fortnite tournaments featured.

    So could Apex Legends succeed where Fortnite appears to have had a harder time? Apex Legends is undoubtedly the big gaming news of 2019. Ever since Respawn quietly released this game just a couple of months ago, it has managed to break records and it quickly became a real critical hit.

    On the surface, Apex Legends looks remarkably similar to many other battle royale titles. But thanks to the innovative use of the ping communication system, the wide range of cool heroes, and the setting in the Titanfall universe, it has become immensely popular.

    As a result, the game’s developers and publishers are currently working hard to see how they can make sure that Apex Legends is a big hit in the esports domain. Immediately after the battle royale title was released, there were a couple of Twitch Rivals tournaments unveiled, and it seems that many esports teams have already started assembling their Apex Legends rosters. These have included the likes of 100 Thieves, GenG and TSM, and with the news that Tencent are making moves to distribute Apex Legends in China, we can expect big things from this battle royale title.

    Despite the unquestionable popularity of Apex Legends, there still many people who think that it could be mobile esports that delivers the next big breakthrough. Anybody who saw the Clash Royale League 2018 World Finals in Japan will know that there is a huge amount of potential for mobile esports.

    Plus we cannot forget the fact that two mobile games including Mobile Legends: Bang Bang have been included at the forthcoming SEA Games which will be the first traditional sporting tournament to make esports a medal sport. Whilst PC games have traditionally dominated the competitive gaming scene, it seems that the sheer popularity of mobile gaming means that we can expect to see plenty more competitions like the CRL Finals in the remainder of the year.

    However, we can’t forget that many other titles like Magic: The Gathering Arena and even Super Smash Bros Ultimate are attracting plenty of interest in the world of esports. So that whether you want to watch a classic battle royale title or a mobile game, it seems that things are dramatically opening up in esports.