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Best metal and rock songs in the Eurovision Song Contest

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  • It is fair to say that the Eurovision Song Contest isn’t normally associated with the genres of metal or rock music.

    However, there have been numerous previous examples of artists attempting to infiltrate the traditional pop music influenced competition with edgier styles.

    A perfect example of this is Iceland’s 2019 entry by Hatari. Their song ‘Hatrið mun sigra’ has climbed up the Eurovision odds tables in recent weeks and could surprise some of the more fancied nations.

    Describing themselves as an award-winning, anti-capitalist, BDSM, techno-dystopian, performance art collective, Hatari are perhaps the most eye-catching entry in this year’s contest.

    With outfits containing leather, spikes, masks and no little amount of flesh, they were the landslide winners of Iceland’s national selection final.

    The young trio are hugely popular in their own country and their Eurovision entry has been likened in style to compatriots Sigur Ros.

    Hatari will undoubtedly be eager to follow in the footsteps of another off-the-wall act from neighbouring Finland.

    Lordi made history in 2006 by securing a shock Eurovision success with the song ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’, becoming the first Finnish group to win the contest.

    They were also the first ever hard rock/heavy metal band to emerge victorious, with their 292 points total an all-time record at that time.

    Finland went on to send rock acts to Eurovision for the next two years, although both failed to make it into the top 10.

    Lordi’s success in Athens was partially inspired by the efforts of Norwegian band Wig Wam the previous year.

    They entered the song ‘In My Dreams’ at Eurovision in Kiev and were one of the favourites to win, but eventually finished in ninth place.

    However, their over-top-performance, showmanship and visual style highlighted that rock music acts could do well in the contest.

    In more recent times alternative rock has made its mark, with Turkey being one of the major exponents of this style of music,

    They entered rock songs in three years out of four from 2008 to 2011, with the song ‘We Could Be The Same’ by maNga finishing runner-up behind Germany in Oslo in 2010.

    Danish band A Friend In London secured a top five placing in Dusseldorf the following year to continue rock’s growth as a force at Eurovision.

    Nu-metal band Eldrin also finished inside the top 10 that year, with their rap metal song ‘One More Day’ proving popular with voters.

    History has shown that metal and rock can make its mark at Eurovision and Hatari are certainly worthy of consideration to win this year’s contest.

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