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Volatility & RTP in Online Slots

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  • With the progression of the internet casino, the slot machines have quickly become one of the most appreciated games. It is not surprising to see many worldwide fans enjoying a wide range of these games leading to the fierce competition between the developers. The fact that they are not skill-based games but can be very lucrative makes them more interesting.

    What’s more, with the growth of mobile gaming, betting from the phone mobile is no more a dream. Though almost the gamblers understand the payouts and the features of the slots, many don’t know much the volatility and RTP linked to these games. These two elements should be considered before wagering to improve your chance of winning.

    Understand the Volatility in a Slot Game

    The online slots are classified into three categories: low, medium, and high variance. The volatility called also variance or dispersion is a term to define the risk level of the game. When you play the low volatility slot, you have less chance to lose but your winnings will surely be smaller. However, a high variance game will give you a larger payout with more chance to lose your wager.

    If the slot machines have offered regular gains whereas others have never triggered any winnings, it is certainly due to the volatility. A perfect example of the high dispersion game is the progressive jackpot slot that requires long patience and bigger bankroll until the luckiest scoops the massive payouts. Moreover, you can also determine how much the other player’s fund is left at the end of the game session with the help of the variance.

    High, Middle and Low Volatility Online Slot Machines

    As volatility refers to the size of the payouts, some slots can grant you massive payouts.

    1. One of the most popular slots with high volatilityis Mega Moolah from Microgaming casino which has been attractive for its progressive jackpot and has made a number of millionaires. Another slot with high volatility is Book of Dead developed by Play’n GO. Although it can minimize your bankroll, it can also reward you huge wins. Book of Dead is among the top 10 slot machines in the world.
    2. Furthermore, talking about the medium-volatilityrenowned slot, the NetEnt slot game Dead or Alive is a good example as it contains fairly standard jackpots. The player can also trigger Sticky Wild feature as well as the Free Spins paying 2x on each win.
    3. For the gamblers who appreciate the types of slots with low variance, they should try Starburst by NetEnt because it can help them to preserve a better bankroll in a long period of time. With the small by frequent gains, their payouts will increase little by little and can become huge. These kinds of slots often come with small jackpots.

    Understand the RTP and its Interaction with Volatility

    Return for player or RTP is a value of the wagered cash that will be returned to the gamblers in form of gains. Generally, all slots are supplied to be lucrative with the average range between 94% and 99%. This means, if you choose a slot with 96% RTP, you are going to get back 96 percent on your bet. Here, we are talking about million times of spins so the higher the game’s RTP, the better chance you have to keep your stake.

    The high volatility slot machines have lower RTPs compared to the low variance slots meaning more benefits for the operators. Nevertheless, when you are patient, you can earn huge payouts. To calculate an RTP, you should place a big bet to know the game’s real value but it can be shown on the info page of the game.

    Strategies and Hints to Choose the Best Slots

    Before deciding your convenient slot machine, here are some tips that you should keep in mind in hope to get attractive winnings in an enjoyable atmosphere.

    • Know the variance of your game. If you play the slot in the goal to win huge gains, you should first know the limit of the game. The newcomers have to avoid high variance game because they can make them bankrupt quickly.
    • Make more training before playing for real money. Playing demo games is necessary because not only will it improve your strategy but can also be fun. As some slots are classified to low, medium, and high volatility, you have to make a good choice before placing your bet.
    • Limit your budget. Most of the time, we don’t aware of time flying when we find our favourite games. Nonetheless, remember that the longer you play the more risk you will meet to lose your funds. Hence, track your time and money to avoid high losses.
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