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Monopoly: The Game for Every Age, Every Generation.

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  • For generations, Monopoly has remained one of the most popular and relevant games in the world, accessible to both children and adults alike, and still a top seller in the age of digital media. There have been many games that have come and gone, but Monopoly has managed to retain its appeal year after year, with sales still going strong at over three million copies annually, an increase since its debut sixty years ago.

    How has Monopoly managed to succeed when other popular board games have fallen by the wayside over the years? Why has this game remained not only relevant, but so immensely popular among all age groups for so many decades?

    The beauty of Monopoly is that it is a game that combines both skill and chance, plus it comes with flexible options that allow users to tweak the game as they deem fit to create a unique experience where they play by their own ‘house’ rules. This ability to customize Monopoly is what makes it stand out from other games which often have hard and fast rules that make them more redundant. The level of competition depends on the players involved at any given time, and more so than any other board game, it has been ingrained into the culture.

    Another great thing about this game is that whenever you get tired of it there is always a new, exciting variation available for you to play. Today you can find Deadpool Monopoly, Game of Thrones Monopoly and even a Monopoly Pizza Game. There was even a special Monopoly for Millennials (a generation of people born in the 80s and 90s) launched a few months ago. The options are endless.

    The objective of of Monopoly is simple: eliminate all the other players by forcing them into bankruptcy. In the capitalist world that we live in today, sending your opponents into poverty is par for the course when everyone secretly dreams of being an entrepreneur or mogul.

    The advent of technology has not even caused a decline in Monopoly as it still competes admirably against digital games. What the Xbox, PlaysStation or PC fail to offer is the camaraderie and personal connection with friends and family. For many families, Monopoly is a tradition, a game to play in the evening, when everyone gathers around the table to play and share fun moments.

    And for those that grew up primarily in the digital world, but still love the game, Monopoly has evolved and entered that realm as well, allowing users to play online alongside other popular games. Even the game’s publisher, Hasbro, offers on its website, hasbro.com online Monopoly games, along side the traditional board games.

    There are even slot machines based on Monopoly that allow adults to play the game on online casinos. Winstar Slots Online, for example offer 8 different Monopoly slots – Super Money, Big Money Reel, Bring the House Down, Mega Movers, Big Event and others.

    In an age where digital games have become the overwhelming force, Monopoly still reigns supreme as a classic that shows no sign of relinquishing its throne.

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