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The Most Famous Roulette Cheats

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  • One of the most popular games you’ll find at a casino is roulette. If you attend a brick-and-mortar casino the roulette table is likely to be the busiest game.

    The game itself provides some of the best odds in the building and players get a thrill whilst the wheel spins for a few seconds before they wait for the ball to land in one of the numbered pockets to determine whether they are a winner or not.

    Despite the attractive odds on offer, the majority of players walk away from a casino as a loser. There are a few exceptions to the rule of course. Those who got lucky, those who walked away when they were ahead, and those who cheated.

    Indeed, a number of players have cheated casinos out of millions over the years. Below are three famous stories of those who have done just that:

    Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

    We only need to go back to 1991 to bring up Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo’s files. In the capital city of his home country, the Spaniard used technology to his advantage nearly three decades ago.

    Mr Garcia-Pelayo would record the results of thousands of spins across several roulette wheels. He then fed the results into a computer to work out any anomalies in them.

    With this information he was able to conclude that some wheels didn’t give the casinos their usual house advantage. Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo then worked around casino after casino in Madrid before being banned from the whole of Spain after cashing in millions.

    Unfortunately, for his sake, he went out to Las Vegas and won $1.5 million but became too well known at casinos across the globe that he was banned. Whether he’s since tried making money at online casinos is not yet known but several players play online today. With so many options to choose from players often struggle to pick one, but here is one reliable website to recommend a good online casino for you.

    Though his venture was shut down we’re sure he’s made enough to live off!

    Charles Wells

    Considered to be one of the greatest casino cheats in history, Charles Wells came up with devices to swindle both dealers and machines inside casinos.

    Mr Wells didn’t want to earn money the ordinary way. He took it from the highest-paying casino games instead.

    One day in 1891, Charles Wells entered a casino with $4,000 and came out with 1 million Francs 11 hours later. For what some may have considered to be a fluke at first, Mr Wells returned the same year and walked away with another million Francs during a three-day period.

    Mr Wells himself claimed it was a lucky streak. Little is actually written about the devices that he invented to swindle the casinos out of money which makes Charles an even greater legend.

    On top of that, he was also using loans to fund his gambling addiction! Eventually, his greed caught up with him and he ended up in prison.

    Joseph Jagger

    Heading further back then Charles Wells, Joseph Jagger cheated casinos out of millions back in 1873.

    Mr Jagger was an engineer when he travelled to Monaco with six acquaintances that year to put his theory to test.

    The group of them recorded the results of a number of roulette wheels to determine which ones had a clear bias.

    When nine numbers of one particular wheel hit on a regular basis, Joseph Jagger and his team played on that wheel and walked away with more than two million Francs that particular evening in 1873.

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