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Where to find the Best Comic Books in 2019

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  • Last year, the New York Times published an article detailing how comic publishers are struggling to keep up sales amid stiff competition from online publishers.

    According to the article, traditional publishers are now turning to digital publications in a bid to keep up with changing times. Since e-books became popular, physical book printing has been on a downward spiral with most publishers turning to digital publishing.

    Traditional booksellers have also suffered a big blow as more readers turn to e-books. Unlike print, e-books are cheaper, easily accessible and more portable.

    In 2019, there is a doubt that the trend will continue as more comic books publishers continue to invest in digital publishing. If you are anything like me, then it is possible that you have already started the hunt for the best comics for this year.

    Should I buy or torrent comic books?

    Torrenting sites allow you to access and download all types of content including books fast and for free. The best comic books torrent sites should give you access to a wide variety including latest releases.

    While you will be able to download almost anything with these sites, it is important to note that downloading copyrighted materials may land you on the wrong side of the law.

    When it comes to torrenting, it is usually hard to differentiate copyrighted materials from those that are not copyrighted. We highly recommended that you use a VPN every time you are torrenting.

    However, if you have the budget to buy new comic books, go right ahead. Morally speaking, buying is good since it promotes the author and the publisher.

    How to identify the best torrent sites for comic books.

    When it comes to torrenting, not all sites that claim to offer these services are excellent. In fact, in the over 100 torrenting providers out there, only a handful can be trusted.

    The big question, therefore, is how one can identify a great torrenting site. Here is what you should consider when choosing a torrenting site for comic books.

    Reputation and experience.

    Before selecting a torrenting site for comic books, conduct enough due diligence to determine what other users have to say.

    Read other customers reviews on well-established product review sites such as Softonic, Reddit and Trustpilot and also expert reviews on sites such as VPNpro.com. In terms of experience, only go for torrenting sites that have been around for the longest. Read more on best comic book torrent sites.

    Remember that a bad torrenting site cannot only expose you to government agencies looking for copyright violators but will also open loopholes for hackers.

    Latest content availability.

    The fewer users a torrenting site has, the higher the likelihood that you will have difficulties finding content.

    Only go for popular comic torrenting sites since this is where you are likely to find all materials including latest releases. Remember that torrenting sites involve files sharing between participants and therefore the more they are, the better.

    Once again it is essential to use a VPN when downloading content from torrenting sites especially those with high traffic since it is highly likely that they are attracting hackers in large numbers too.

    Also, government agencies are likely to monitor popular torrenting sites for copyright infringements more than those that are less popular.

    Pay attention to quality.

    Another thing you should do before settling on a comic books torrenting site is its reputation on downloads quality.

    Scan online reviews for complaints about the quality of materials downloaded from your torrenting site of choice and where possible, make inquiries from friends who have used their service before.

    However, please note that with most popular comic books torrenting sites, quality is usually not an issue. It is therefore highly likely that you will not find any complaints in this regard.

    Go for torrents that guarantee users’ anonymity.

    As mentioned earlier, user privacy is crucial in torrenting. This is because government agencies are on the lookout in these sites to identify users violating copyright laws. Torrenting sites also tend to be a top target for hackers.

    When looking for good comic books torrenting sites, go for those that do not ask for your personal information and offer a guarantee of identity protection.

    Once again, you can determine these sites basing on their popularity. A torrenting site that has been in existence for over five years can be considered safe enough given the rate at which these sites are brought down by governments.

    As mentioned earlier, always use a VPN as an extra security measure. A VPN not only hides you from snooping government agencies but also protects you from hackers.

    Bottom line.

    In 2019, the digital comic books industry is bound to grow by leaps and bounds. For big fans, torrenting is one of the common ways to get access to the latest releases without having to break one’s budget. It is essential for users to observe safe practices when torrenting.

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