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The Easiest Casino Games to Learn from Scratch

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  • If you’re a casino gaming novice, be it online or on the Las Vegas Strip, some games can seem pretty intimidating. Just a quick glance over at the craps or baccarat tables, with the hundreds of different rules and betting options, is enough to make you run for the door.

    The key to winning big in the casino is knowledge and mastery of what you’re playing. Sure, luck plays a significant role in some games as well, but if you don’t understand how to bet strategically then you’ll be at a significant disadvantage right from the start.

    To become an expert in the casino, you need to start with the simpler games. Read on to find out which casino games are the easiest to learn from scratch. 


    As far as card games go, it doesn’t get much easier than blackjack. The reason that this is one of the most popular casino games for beginners is that there’s only one possible way to win and only a handful of cards actually involved in getting there. Your goal is to beat the dealer, no-one else. To beat the house you need to be dealt a hand of cards which adds up to the number 21, or as close as possible to it. If you go over 21, then you lose. You typically play with a two-card hand and can then decide to get hit with another if you think your chances of not going over 21 are high. It’s as simple as that. 


    Although not traditionally associated with casinos, bingo has been popular with rookie gamblers since time immemorial. Some of the biggest online casinos offer some form of bingo, and your odds of a win are considerably better than if you were playing a round of poker. You simply have a card with a set of numbers on it, typically a five-by-five grid if you’re playing in the US or Canada. Numbers are called out by the house at random, and your goal is to get as many matches on your card as possible. Wins are possible if your score a full line of matched numbers, with the jackpot coming if you manage to get a “full house”. One of the biggest wins from a game of bingo in history was in the UK, where one lucky player managed to scoop a $7.7 million jackpot from a 50-pence bet. 


    There’s a reason that the vast majority of floor space in a Vegas casino is dedicated to rows and rows of slot machines. It’s the kind of game even the most uninitiated gambler can play for hours, with your odds of winning being fairly consistent across all forms of slot games. At the most basic level, all you need to do is pop a coin in the machine, pull that lever and see if you can get a row of matching icons from the spinning reels. There are typically three reels in a standard slot machine, although many these days have five or even seven reels. Getting a matching row isn’t the only way to win either; online casinos, in particular, have dozens of extra paylines, bonus games and special symbols that allow you to maximize your potential winnings. 


    On the surface, Keno looks an awful lot like bingo. In reality, it resembles something closer to a state lottery game, although with much better odds of winning. You’ll start with a ticket or a board showing 80 different numbers. All you need to do is choose a few of them (typically between fifteen and twenty in most casinos) and hope that the house draws them. If they do, then you’re a winner. The house edge typically runs at an admirable 4%, meaning your chances of getting the winning numbers are pretty high. Certainly much higher than winning the Powerball, where the odds of hitting the jackpot are several billion to one by most estimates. 


    Roulette is an enduring icon of casino culture, one that continues to capture the imaginations of the American public. At first glance, the game looks fiendishly complex, with dozens of different numbers and thousands of potential outcomes. In reality, betting on a game of roulette is one of the easiest and most entertaining ways to enjoy some casino gaming. The dealer spins the wheel and it’s your job to take a bet on where the little ball on the wheel will end up landing. Rather than betting on one specific number, you can simply bet on a color, as there’s only two to choose from. If you bet that the wheel will land on a black number and it does, you’ve won. You’ll have to search pretty hard to find another casino game that has a 50/50 chance of a win. 

    Now you’re ready to go! Start with these easy casino games and before you know it, you’ll be a master of the casino. 

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