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Provably Fair Crypto Casino Games Explained

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  • Land-based casinos games such as Craps, Roulette, and Poker demand that gamblers put their faith in technology powering these games. When punters stroll into none reputable casinos, the chances of being cheated on is usually high. But why is this the case? Since they (punters) are unable to tell how the tech behind these games work, proprietors can manipulate the machines and ensure that the house always wins!

    There are many great online casinos such as Boku that use the latest RGN software which is fully audited. That means that when you play casino games by using boku you know that the chances to win are fair but without blockchain technology in place it is impossible for them to offer complete transparency. With blockchain behind the tech, gamblers can now see the whole action in real-time eliminating cheating.

    What are RNG Powered Casino Games?

    In just over twenty-five short year’s technology used in powering casino games has changed quite drastically. Random Number Generator (RNG) used in the generation of a random number necessary for the game’s format is the most commonly used software today. To try and guarantee that the RNG platform is working correctly, independent bodies including eCOGRA and GoDaddy conduct tests on the same to ensure that it remains fair. However, as most punters know, fairness is not always guaranteed by RNG software use alone.

    How RNG Software Manipulation Happens 

    RNG software casino games became popular in the 2000s-2010s online gambling casinos. However, they are easily manipulated, and many operators use these tackless tactics to reap you off. To get away with this, they refuse to show certificates that prove fairness alongside audited checks.

    Developers even hire hackers to hack into games and install bugs which make it impossible for you to win. Thankfully, this mess is coming to an end thanks to the introduction of provably fair technology.

    So What Is Provably Fair Casino Games?

    Blockchain and crypto technologies have led to the introduction of a new software system dedicated to casino games. The system combines with RNG software to offer gamblers with greater transparency. Blockchain tech eliminates the need of having a third party to check the RNG software. Instead, you can now access the public ledger real-time to see how your bets are faring. Results cannot be altered in any way now since the outcome will always be correct.

    Are There Different Kinds of Provably Fair Casino Games?

    For starters, only cryptographic technology powered casino games use provably fair chances to win. Only a handful of specialist games using hash strings for verifying algorithms are available today. However, many more are being worked on, and it’s only a short time for provably fair casino games to flood the market. Stake.com and OneHash.com, are the best platforms to play the following provably fair casino games; Blackjack, Crash, Baccarat, Craps, Goal, Keno, and Craps.

    Why Opt for Provably Fair Games?

    Casino games operators use cheekiness, thus end up circumventing RNG software and cheat gamblers of their wagers. For guaranteed outcomes that are fair, Blockchain Provably Fair games are the best option. Block technology is used for confirming bets in transparent ways, makes it difficult for operators to manipulate the system. Moreover; blockchain games provide you with superior odds, and in some instances, players get a zero house edge, something that’s unheard off with the traditional casino!

    Final Thoughts

    User blockchain powered casinos to ensure that odds on offer at online casinos when playing games including roulette and slots are correct. It is impossible for either the operator or players to alter the outcome of the results when blockchain technology is used to power games so it is a win win situation for both parties.

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