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Investing in Video Games For the Future

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  • Last year, 2.2 billion people played a video game, either on a laptop, tablet, mobile, P.C, console or handheld gaming device – it is a thriving market. Any gamer will know that the characters draw us in, they are what make us come back and play time and again. They are also what persuades us to part with our hard-earned cash, when it comes to merchandise. But is it an investment worth making for the future?

    For the love of the game

    One of the reasons that the video games merchandising market is worth an astonishing $1 billion dollars, is that the collectables help remind us of our favorite game, they make it a physical presence in our lives that we can touch. Many people who start collecting gaming merchandise do so purely for the love of the game. Of course for the companies, this is a very shrewd financial opportunity. Take for instance the extremely popular Angry Birds game, the gaming experience went way beyond the digital, through the sale of figurines, plushies, t-shirts etc. In fact developers Rovio made 40% of their income purely through merchandise. We bought the merchandise, but as time went on, it also gained value. Simple enjoyment is a great reason to start collecting, but if items are popular enough, it can also be lucrative.

    Obtaining rare items

    If you are thinking of your collection as a future investment, sometimes it’s worth going a little further to get a key item. Especially if you are sure that it is going to gain value in the future, or it’s something that is particularly rare. Let us consider Brett Martin – he is currently in the Guinness Book of World Records, holding the title of the largest video game merchandise collection in the world. The 31 year old from Colorado has over 8,000 items in his collection. He has since had his collection has now been valued at over $100,000. It may be worth you obtaining finance to purchase items to get started with your own merchandise collection.  

    Is there a future in collecting merchandise?

    The short answer is yes, of course. You can even make a profit from it if you are motivated. Take for instance Windy Gaming. The company was formed by a retro games fanatic, Chris Dammacco, who sells your old school games and merchandise online. It generates $1,000 a week. This might not seem like a vast amount, but for many people, this could be a valuable supplementary income. Even better, it is an income made from buying and selling gaming items that you have a passion for.

    If you are not planning to buy and sell merchandise, there is still an emphasis on keeping your items in good condition. It will help them to hold their value, should you choose to part with them at a later date. The hardest part is the temptation to take figurines out of their packaging. Even if you do, many of the rare items will still be worth money in the future. For instance, a rare, legless Peach Amiibo recently sold on eBay for $25,000. That’s not to be sniffed at. 

    Whether you are doing it for the love of the game, or to turn a profit. There is a massive future in merchandise and it will become even more exciting as gaming becomes more immersive.

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