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Designing the Best Gaming Room?

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  • There are 2.2 billion gamers in the world with 1.2 billion playing games on a PC. According to Limelight Networks surveys, video gamers spend an average of 5.96 hours per week playing games making it important to have a comfortable and functional gaming room. A well-designed gaming room provides many benefits whether you’re a player or a spectator.

    Choose Your Space

    A video gaming room needs enough space to put a TV, console, speakers, and some furniture. Basements, dens or an empty room can serve as gaming rooms. If you don’t have adequate space, Woodtex.com suggests sheds and portable buildings which can serve as your own personal space away from the house. The advantage of having a separate structure is that you’ll have peace and quiet and can enjoy the benefits of video gaming without bothering anyone.

    When selecting a place to build outside of the house, ensure that there are connections for electricity and water as well as a dedicated internet connection. A quiet and isolated space on the property is also ideal.

    Design a Layout

    In designing the blueprint for your gaming room, consider the best position for your television or monitor, PC tower, or console. Avoid putting your screen and equipment where they will be directly exposed to sunlight. Put curtains on windows or blinds so that you can adjust the amount of light that enters the room.

    Sufficient ventilation is important because consoles emit a lot of heat. More humans in the room also equate to increased body heat raising room temperatures substantially. For comfort and to cool down equipment, it is vital that there is adequate ventilation in the room especially during warm weather. Soundproofing the area is also critical not only to avoid disturbing others, but for an improved experience.

    Furnish it Smartly

    As gamers spend most of the time sitting while playing games, it makes sense to invest in ergonomic furniture. Comfortable chairs are essential that won’t give you back pains or stiff joints. If you plan on making a multiplayer gaming room, ensure that there are enough seats and equipment for everyone including friends who might just be watching you slay enemies on the screen.

    A cupboard where you can store video games, peripherals, and other stuff is helpful. Think of putting a fridge and a water fountain so that you can have quick and healthy snacks and receive adequate hydration while playing.

    A gaming room that is designed cleverly is not only going to enhance your gaming experience, but is also a fantastic place to relax and relieve stress when you’re off from work or school. It serves as an entertainment area as well for both family and friends.

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