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The rise of eSports in the betting industry

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  • Sports has grown massively in popularity in recent years, with fans across the globe following the exploits of their favourite teams and players.

    Leading broadcasters like ESPN and the BBC have screened live eSports tournaments, helping to fuel interest in this developing genre.

    This has inevitably created interest in the gambling industry, with many leading operators now including eSports as part of their sportsbook offering. Esports betting at BetEasy is one such example of this, with the site providing markets on a wide range of eSports tournaments.

    League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive and more are available to wager on, offering punters plenty of unique betting opportunities.

    As with any type of gambling, it’s important to understand the different eSports games before parting with any of your hard-earned cash.

    Watching previous games online or immersing yourself in the world of eSports by actually playing the games yourself will give you a much greater chance of making a profit.

    Researching the tournament formats and studying the form will undoubtedly boost your chances of making a success of your eSports betting.

    Do your homework on each team and all the players on that team. With wagering on eSports still a relatively new phenomenon, this will give you a crucial edge against the bookies.

    Familiarising yourself with the different gameplay strategies is also hugely important. eSports are evolving all the time, so it’s vital that you know all the latest strategies employed by the players and teams.

    This will allow you to seek out where the value lies and take advantage of bookies who have set their odds based on nothing more than a hunch.

    Take time to understand the different types of odds. Match betting is the easiest place to start if you’re thinking of wagering on eSports.

    With Newzoo reporting that the global eSports economy is closing in on being a $1 billion business, it is clear that there is huge public appetite for the genre.

    With that in mind, it seems certain that more and more gambling operators will latch onto eSports in 2019, creating even more opportunities for clued up punters to make a profit by betting on the games.

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