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Our predictions of the most popular Online Casino Games for this year

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  • The most dedicated online casino players are looking forward to the new games that have been recently released. We have sorted through the top games and found the top casino games of 2019. New advances in technology have led to an exciting mix of games this year! If you need some further inspiration, some of the best online casino games can be found at bestonlinecasinos.org.uk

    The online gambling industry has exploded; according to data from Statista, it has more than doubled since 2009 to almost $52 billion worldwide. It is expected that advancements in technology will only help increase that market share. The online casino industry has also proven that it is flexible and able to adapt to evolving technology over the years, which has helped to survive. The virtual and augmented reality market is expected to explode by 2020, so it is likely that we will start to see it incorporated into online casino games in the future. Gamers might also see skill-based slot games and increasing cross-brand content.

    How to Find a Reputable Online Casino

    Big first, we will help you spot a reliable online casino so you aren’t getting swindled out of your hard-earned money and can have fun betting this year. There are a couple of factors you should look for when trying to find a reputable casino. No matter how long you have been playing, if you are looking for a new casino, you should do careful research.

    Regulation and Licensing

    As more and more countries become stricter in their rules, it is safer than ever to play online. In the UK, every casino must be registered and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. If the casino does not have a valid license, that is a clear sign that you do not want to spend your money there.

    Bonuses and Promotions

    Nearly all online casinos will offer a welcome bonus, so you should try to find one that caterers to your individual needs. Consider the type of game you want to play and make sure there positive terms related to your chosen game.

    Game Selection

    You can often determine the quality of an online casino by looking at the selection of games they offer. Some casinos will offer games from just one developer, which will often give you a rich selection of high-quality slots and other betting games.  Others will handpick games from many game providers, which can help create an extensive library of games.

    Customer Support

    Customer service might be the last thing you think of, but it is something that should be investigated. Every good online casino should offer support that is just as quick and good as a land-based casino. The casino should provide a way to get in contact with a casino, with 24/7 service.

    Now that you know how to find an excellent online casino, here are our predictions for the top games of 2019:

    Slots that Incorporate Skill

    In the past, slot machines have also relied on chance with the player having no effect on the outcome of the reels. Before there was only the option to hold onto certain symbols, but the pay-outs were ultimately decided based on the return-to-player percentage listed on the machine.

    However, with the popularity of games that are puzzle and skill-based like the Angry Bird slot, which has sold over 12 million copies, there could be an increasing desire to incorporate elements which give the player more control over the outcome.

    One such example could be Catapult King from Wicked Witch, which got its start as a popular mobile game. The developers have since collaborated with Gamblit Gaming to incorporate a real-money element to the game. The skill and popularity of the mobile version of the game could lead to its online casino game popularity.

    Cross-Brand Content

    Gone are the fruit symbols of the early slot machines; now you will see that modern developers are often using popular culture for image ideas to use on reels. Cross-brand content, which is already hugely successful, could continue to gain in popularity this year. Non-gambling franchises and businesses have discovered that putting their name on slot games helps to increase brand awareness and slot developers like to use familiar brands to attract players to the games.

    One example is Microgaming, who has responsible hit games like Jurassic Park, Game of Thrones, and Bridesmaids, all based on the non-gambling franchises. One of the popular games for 2019 could be Playboy Gold, which uses the iconic images from the famous gentleman’s magazine.

    Virtual Reality Games

    VR gambling wagers are expected to rise 800% to just $520 million by 2021 according to a survey by Juniper Research.  If the rise of VR continues then we can expect the casino industry to jump on the market as well. Slot machines have evolved constantly over the years, and we can anticipate VR to be the next step.

    Companies like NetEnt have developed Gonzo’s Quest VR and Jack’s World VR, which are based on two of their popular titles. The games follow the traditional reel-spinning mechanisms of slots, but the player is playing in another world, where they will face a huge version of the game. Another casino game that has gotten a VR makeover is Microgaming’s VR Roulette, which was first released in 2016. It has gotten a strong response, so gamers can assume that similar products that incorporate VR will be released soon.

    Traditional Games

    Traditional games will also have a place in gamblers hearts. Games like online roulette, blackjack, and slots will also be at the top of the most popular games. All of these games are loved by millions of people across the world thanks to their relatively simple to grasp rules. Many of these classic games have been around for centuries, and 2019 will be another trendy year for them.

    With new technological advances, cross-promotions, and a return of old favorites, 2019 is sure to be a year full of gambling and hopefully hitting the jackpot. To see what we loved about 2018, check out our list here.

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