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Online Slot Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

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  • Online gaming is becoming increasingly sophisticated thanks to the fast-evolving internet technology. With online casinos that are growing in both number and popularity, players can choose from an impressive range of slot games without leaving their armchair. Each year we expect new directions and content from the world of online slots, and 2019 is no different.

    If you haven’t taken the time to locate the most trusted casino sites out there, we recommend you to do that on Casinostoplay.com, a website that specialises in testing online casinos and offer independent, honest reviews. If you’ve already found that ultimate place to gamble your money, why not check out some of 2019’s hottest online slot trends before playing a new slot?

    Growing Content Push

    Are you a trendy player who enjoys online slots inspired by pop culture? Those who say “yes” will probably be excited about the growing trend in licensed slots featuring TV and movie characters. Gambling operators have already taken advantage of the demand for content from pop culture to enlarge their customer base: from the iconic Batman to the critically-acclaimed The Walking Dead, pop culture-related titles are being released across numerous online casinos. These slot games usually include video clips from the films or series, along with themed gaming to make the gameplay as entertaining as possible.

    We are expecting the content of online slots to be more abundant than ever before. The trend will continuously inspire the creation of new slots and even cross-promotion offers of casino sites. The growing influence of pop culture upon online slots will keep online casinos fresh to players.


    The increasing gamification of online slots is one of the most ground-breaking transformations of the online gambling industry. Have you noticed that conventional RNG games are becoming more and more arcadey? Gambling companies and games providers have been developing ways to give your casino experience a traditional game-like feel, and in 2019, we are expecting players to be unlocking achievements and completing missions to proceed to higher levels in slot games. They will also be unlocking bonuses, which is entirely new to the world of online gaming!

    Gamification has also led to the introduction of leaderboards into online casinos, allowing players to compete with one another. Last but not least, classic video games have been brought into casino sites. The slot version of Candy Crush, for instance, enables players to have fun with their favourite mobile game and win real money at the same time!

    Virtual Reality

    Although online casinos are loved by so many players, there is one thing about internet gambling that nobody likes – it cannot mimic the experience of playing at a brick-and-mortar casino. Good news for online gamers who are looking for some immersive gaming experience: virtual reality (VR) technology will come in and fill the gap between online and offline gaming in 2019.

    An increasing number of operators have set their eyes on VR technology. They are working hard with software developers to make the technology available on a large scale. According to expert predictions, by 2021, the overall VR gambling market will be worth up to USD$520 million. Next year, you will probably be able to experience the click of slot reels on an online casino!

    The online slot trends of 2019 are sure to bring remarkable improvements to your gaming experience. Prepare yourself for the most immersive and entertaining slots you will have ever come across!

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