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Ashe – a new character introduced in Overwatch

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  • This year, BlizzCon came with lots of surprises but it was the opening ceremony that drew the attention of gamers. A short but well-done animated movie marked the start of the event. The film focused on the famous cowboy McCree from Overwatch but it also introduced a new character to the story. Tall, with short, white hair that frame her red eyes and a lever-action rifle that never misses the target, Ashe, the latest gunslinger introduced, will complete the beloved game from Blizzard.

    Developing a new character is a big deal and plenty of work in order for all the players to have a genuine experience. Thanks to the evolution of technology, games become more and more authentic, all for the delight of the player. From shooters like Counter-Strike or Overwatch to role-playing games like World of Warcraft or League of Legends, and even to slots games, the visual design improved over the years.

    With graphics that feature genuine symbols and sounds that can transport you into the atmosphere, playing a game it’s really an entertaining way to spend your time. But when it comes to games nowadays, characters are very important because they will make you feel part of the story.

    Michael Chu, the lead writer for Overwatch says that “We let people embrace their initial emotional reaction to a character, and then we start building the relationship”. This means that is not always about finishing the game it’s also about enjoying every moment. That’s the case with slots also because when you are able to choose from a wide variety of themes where you can fly along Superman or start an amazing adventure to find the Lost City of El Dorado, winning isn’t always on your mind.

    Overwatch is not really a game where the storyline represents the focus point, it’s more about the action. With these being said, the process of developing a character includes a good collaboration between more people including writers, graphic designers, sound designers and so on.

    But going back to Ashe, she is truly unusual. The Overwatch team wanted to explore a little bit the story of the Deadlock gang and desired to create a character that can be a leader of this “organization”. Ashe can go “toe to toe” with the handsome McCree. Diversity is the main feature that rules the process of developing characters. The game includes heroes of different nationalities, some with prosthetic limbs, and some even have a different sexual orientation than the others. Fans do appreciate this kind of approach because it creates a place where everybody will feel welcomed.

    Even though she just joined Overwatch, Ashe already inspired some fan art and we can’t wait to discover how she completes the game.

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