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The Perfect Jobs For Serious Gamers

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  • If you’re a serious gamer, then gaming isn’t a hobby for you, it’s a lifestyle. Forget Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled; you’re schooling newbies in Call of Duty, raiding with the best of them in World of Warcraft, or even climbing the ranks in League of Legends if you’re thick-skinned and skilled enough. Hardcore gamers give a huge amount of their life to gaming; it’s their lifeblood, the reason they get up in the morning.

    With that in mind, then, it stands to reason that hardcore gamers should choose a career that complements their passion. The perfect career for a gamer is flexible and challenging; it allows the individual to choose their destiny, just as they would in a video game, but also brings in the big bucks. We’ve gathered just a few of the best jobs gamers should consider in the current economy, taking into account skill set, time investment and dedication.


    It might seem like a lateral move from gaming, but day trading actually has a huge amount in common with that medium. For a start, trading is incredibly fast-paced; you’ve got to have an excellent eye for detail and an ability to keep up with rapid developments and fluctuations in markets in order to be a successful trader. Of course, you won’t need to go it alone; you’ve got access to plenty of great resources depending on your chosen trading field. For those interested, this Forex.com review explains they are now open to US traders. Think of these resources as your tutorial before you head into trading. If you’ve got good hand-eye coordination, a talent for multitasking and an ability to keep up with high-intensity markets, then trading is perfect for you as a gamer.

    Blogging / writing

     Do you love video games with a passion? Of course you do. Sites like Kotaku, The Escapist and plenty of other video game resources are always looking for freelance contributors, and if they don’t actively state that they are you can always send your pitch to them anyway and see if they bite. Writing about your passion is an incredible job; you get to jot down your thoughts and feelings about games and make money from it, which is an enviable position for anyone. You will need a serious way with words, though; contrary to lowering the standard for writing, the proliferation of writers on the Internet has only meant that the best get noticed more than ever. If you’ve got a head for great sentence construction and you love video games, then this one takes some graft, but it’s worth inquiring at the best video game sites to see if they’re after freelancers.

    Web design

     Some of our favourite puzzle games, such as Quadrilateral Cowboy, Shenzhen I/O and Uplink, are pretty similar in execution to the basic principles of web design. Just like in a great puzzle game, web design demands a strong head for problem-solving; you’ll need to understand what your client is after in terms of their website, then put the site together using a knowledge of coding and your eye for visual design. If you’re someone who isn’t great at the visual side, then you could always simply lend your talents to coding; graphic designers are in demand as always, but those with a penchant for HTML and CSS are constantly needed by companies both for ground-up web development and for smaller segments like buttons, headers / footers and more. If you love puzzle titles, especially the wordier ones, then consider a career in web development; you’d be surprised how transferrable your skills are.

    Software developer

     Better yet, rather than coding for websites, why not learn Java, Python or C and make games yourself? If you’ve played enough games and have a mind for the more technical aspects of your favourite games, then this might be the perfect area for you. Ever found yourself wondering how that lighting engine works, or how those character models are coded? Ever found yourself thinking about the dialogue trees in Mass Effect and whether it’s complicated to code those conversations? Well, if you become a software developer, you need wonder no more. Being a game designer is easier now than it’s ever been, what with the indie sphere offering cheap, powerful tools to game creators which don’t take a huge amount of time or effort to learn to use. Turn that idea into a reality and join your favourite developers in creating something you love.


    This is a notoriously difficult industry to break into, but it is possible if you’re the right person. Put simply, you can get paid to play video games. It sounds like an impossible dream, but it’s true; think about mainstream, err, streamers and content creators like PewDiePie, or professional League of Legends streamers like Hashinshin or Imaqtpie. If you’re skilled enough in your chosen game, have a head for marketing and can play a game for hours on end and still find insightful things to say about it, then streaming might well be for you. It will take you some time to build up a solid viewer base, and you’ll make most of your money from advertising revenue and merchandise rather than directly being paid, so it can be a bit hit-and-miss. That said, you’re being paid to play video games, and what could be better for a serious gamer?

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