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Roulette Strategy – Use Betting Systems to Turn the Odds in Your Favor

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    Back to the topic: Can you increase your chances of winning a roulette game using betting systems? Since the day they were founded, players tried to beat casinos. There is a strange belief among gamblers: They believe that every game has a “secret,” and if they learn that secret, they can easily win. Betting systems are based on this belief. If we make a general evaluation, these are tactics supported by some mathematical formulas. They often require betting on certain options and increasing or decreasing the stake according to the course of the game.

    Roulette strategies are the most popular among the betting systems. The reason for this is that roulette was invented by a mathematician. Its payout table is prepared using complex math formulas. Gamblers probably think that they can beat the roulette by using mathematics once more. There are many strategies developed in this regard: Martingale, D’alembert, even “James Bond”. Some strategies also try to take advantage of the physical defects of the roulette wheel. They all have the same purpose: To predict where the ball will stop.

    “Physical” Strategies

    Let’s examine them separately: First, none of the physical strategies works anymore. These strategies remained from the periods when the roulette wheel was hand-made. The old type of wheels had some physical imperfections, and professional gamblers were able to detect them and make a consistent estimate of where the ball would stop. The stories of many “champion” gamblers you hear are based on these tactics. But now, the roulette wheels are not produced by hand and they are all the same: They have no physical defects. Therefore, we can completely eliminate strategies based on physical defects.

    Mathematical Strategies

    The most popular is the Martingale strategy. We can say that all other strategies are a variant of this. It looks complex at first sight, but it’s actually quite simple. You select a specific bet option and double the stake each time you lose. When you win, you must return to the previous bet amount. The idea here is that you will “eventually” win. Since you increase the amount of stakes continuously, it is considered that you can cover all your losses when you win. The D’alembert system uses approximately the same principles. The common points of all roulette betting systems are:

    • Choose a specific bet option and do not change it.
    • Even if you lose, double the bet amount every time.
    • Continue until you win.
    • Start from the beginning after you win.

    Such tactics are called “progression strategies” due to doubling the stake amount each time and are based on the assumption that you will eventually win. When implementing these types of strategies, you should choose the betting options that offer the highest winning odds. These options for roulette are:

    • Odd / even bet
    • Red / black bet

    The probability of the occurrence of both options is approximately 48%. This is a fairly high rate, and the assumption that you will eventually win is based on this. The problem is that there is no “guarantee”. The fact that you have lost 10 rounds constantly does not increase your chances of winning in the eleventh round. Your chance of winning is always the same. This situation is called “gamblers fallacy”: A belief without foundation.

    In other words, there is no system that works for roulette. Mathematical rules ensure that the advantage is always in the casino in the long term. Casinos are a commercial business and have a history of hundreds of years. If there was a mistake in their system, you could be sure that they had already noticed it. There is no basis for the belief that gamblers can “beat” casinos. However, casinos support such beliefs as gamblers continue to play because they believe their systems will work.

    So, is there no betting system that works for roulette? Truth be told, if there was such a system, you wouldn’t be able to find it through a simple Google search. The person who discovered a “system” that increases his chances of winning wouldn’t share it with everyone! The best thing you can do is to deposit money for betting options where you’re most likely to win. You can see what these are above. The systems that are claimed to work, unfortunately, cause you to go bankrupt faster in the long run. Because you are constantly increasing the amount of stakes, you can undergo a huge financial loss if you do not win in a short time. For this reason, we recommend that you focus on having fun without wasting time with the “systems”, and simply deposit money into bets with high chances of winning. You can’t turn the odds entirely into your favour, but that’s the method you can be closest to winning.

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