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VR is Making a Move

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  • Over the last few months PC and console game developers have really ramped up their game (pardon the pun!) experimenting with the technology developed over years and now a number of online poker companies have perked up their ears and are beginning to recognise just how much value VR could be to them.

    It’s actually a known fact the gambling industry has always pioneered new technology and innovative ideas and that is why they were light years ahead in the mobile market (along with the porn industry), and now the Stars Group has launched the beta version of PokerStars VR which wold make them the first company that boasts a working virtual reality poker product.

    Gaming as you well know is all about immersing the player within the action and PokerStars hopes that this format will give their players the opportunity to immerse themselves in different environments whilst playing.

    Environments like a Wild West saloon or a plush yacht moored in a virtual Monte Carlo as well as the Void and Macau in 2050!

    Being a virtual avatar, players will be able to fashion themselves just how they like, using all sorts of clothing, accessories and hairstyles to suit everyone’s taste. If you have ever played Second Life of the Sims then set yourself at a poker table and you get the general idea.

    Not only do players get to choose how they look and dress they can also interact with other players, from buying a drink to starting a food fight it’s all possible in this virtual world.

    Being able to main stream games means that in the future we could be watching The World Series of Poker competitions via our headsets, the contestants themselves might not even leave their homes to travel all over the world and this thought opens up a lot of possibilities for VR gaming and casinos in general.

    Just imagine being able to walk into the lobby and play on Wink Slots within a virtual world where you can almost touch the machines and feel the coins in your hand, technology has brought us to a place where the mind jumps when it begins to think of what could be.

    This jump to VR will suit a great many people as we now live in a society where fewer of us want to go out in an evening and that includes those that used to travel to a bricks and mortar casino for an evening of entertainment. Being able to put on a headset and experience games in differing environments without having to tip the dealer at all sounds good to many!

    The new PokerStars app has been developed by Lucy VR Inc which already had a good name for itself having already developed the slots Million VR casino besides a number of VR apps for Bolt and Unibet Casino.

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