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Playing Sony PlayStation Games on Modern Computers is Possible

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  • Some twenty (or even less) years ago, such games as Grand Theft Auto and Shadow of the Colossus were at the height of their popularity, and players from all over the world were covetous for legendary Sony PlayStation console. There were no MMORPGs and Android games to entertain sophisticated gamers considering cool graphics and intricate storyline prerequisites for ensuring the best gaming experience. Yep, it is hard to deny the fact that retro consoles are poor competitors to modern and elaborate Mac and Android devices that make it possible for users to play their favorite games anytime in any place. Still, does that mean that the era of console gaming is over? Have console games died out like dinosaurs and now are only fit for being displayed in a museum-like manner? We seriously doubt that! It’s true that modern devices and games are much more popular than the creations of legendary Nintendo, Xbox, or PlayStation. Still, it’s also true that more and more gamers start looking nostalgically back on the days when hardcore gaming was possible, when games were unique, when emotions from gameplay were genuine and acute. Therefore, they start either blowing dust off their old devices or taking advantage of PlayStation emulators and games to play on their computers. Now you are going to find out how to turn your comp into a retro console and start playing PS cult creations.

    What Emulator to Choose?

    Of course, it is not a problem to download a PS emulator from the Internet. There are plenty of offers from various websites promising that you will be happy only with their “best” emulators. Still, don’t’ be in a hurry. Take your time to check other user’s feedback on the source you are planning on using. Make sure to download software only from reliable and reputable sites not to catch a Trojan or something worse.

    Out of many emulators available in the market, such tools as PCSX2, Damon PS2, and Gold PS2 are worth being mentioned. These emulators can be rightly considered long-livers, their usability and graphic setting functionality are time-tested and thus undeniable. So, you may want to download of these tools to get maximum pleasure from your retro gaming.

    Like with all classic consoles, there are many emulators available for past favourites, the Dreamcast has a variety of emulators available, just like the PS2.

    Where Should I Look for Games to Play on My Emulator?

    Next, you will need to download PS or PSX ROMs, which represent save files of a certain PS game you want to play on your PC and any other device.

    If you prefer playing games on your Android device, you can either download ROMs for you PS to your computer and then import these files to your Android device via USB, or download it directly from the Internet. Android even has created special platforms allowing users to play retro console games.

    Alternatively, you can visit such websites as RomsMode, DopeRoms, or EmuParadise and take advantage of a wide selection of PS and PSX ROMs presented there.

    If you use Mac or Windows, on the website, you will need to select the ROM file of the game you want to play and click on the “Download” option. After that, your game will be saved in the Downloads folder.

    Download the BIOS

    Please note that some emulators may require you to download a BIOS file, necessary for starting up the loading screen.

    Once you are done with getting BIOS files, you will need to copy and paste the archived file to a certain directory. Your route will be something like this: C:\Users\[User Name]\Documents\Xbox\bios. You are free to change it to one of your liking by unselecting “Use default section” and choosing any other directory.

    What’s Next?

    Once you have downloaded your emulator and new PS ROMs, you can start playing. Start your emulator, which at this point turns your comp into a video game console. Then, select the “Open” option or press the “Load” button.

    Finally, load the ROM game file up by clicking on it (It should be a .zip file, and there is no need to decompress it).

    Enjoy your gameplay!

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