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Will you want to call the Ghostbusters?

Ghostbusters has never been afraid to push itself in order to get ahead of the curve. In 2016, the franchise challenged the norm by going for a reboot with an all-female lead cast. Indeed, while Ocean’s 8 is going down this same route (as you can see in this preview), it’s clear that the remake of Ghostbusters was ahead of its time.

While this release may have been groundbreaking, Pikachu, Charizard and Squirtle may well have left the new video game title, Ghostbusters World AR, in a situation where it won’t be able to rely on the wow factor that the Pokemon Go game managed to create. Pokemon Go successfully managed to showcase the brilliance of augmented reality technology in a manner that was groundbreaking at the time, meaning that a franchise that is a lot older (and arguably more successful) has now been left playing catch-up in the world of gaming, despite having had titles out since 1984.

A new lease of life for AR?

Having said all of that, it’s worth remembering that Ghostbusters has always been a popular concept and has a multi-generational appeal compared to Pokemon Go, which was based on the Pokemon television shows that were primarily aimed at children. Indeed, while Pokemon Go has been popular as a Gameboy game and on video game consoles, Ghostbusters has had popularity in a range of formats, including with people trying to win online casino jackpot games like Ghostbusters Triple Slime and, in the early days of its success, a game back in 1984 on the Commodore 64. Clearly, this franchise has longevity with audiences. The fact that it is now moving to mobile gaming is simply a natural evolution for a franchise that has been involved with gaming for a long time.

While critics and fans were divided over the new movie, you can’t deny the fact that there are parts of Ghostbusters that are so iconic that fans just love them. You can see this highlighted on the teaser trailer for the new game. In contrast to this, Pokemon Go is now having to update, innovate, and force its way back into the public eye after the initial wave of popularity started to fade.

A natural fit

It goes without saying that as the release date draws nearer, the main details of the game will start to emerge, but what is equally clear is that building on the original mixture of animation and real-world action is going to make the game more realistic and give gamers the chance to feel like true Ghostbusters in a way that Pokemon wasn’t able to do.

Sure, you aren’t going to have an actual ghost appear in front of you and you might just have to dress up as a Ghostbuster if you want to look the part, but short of this it will be about as immersive and naturally-fitting a title as the creators of AR could have hoped for.

With more and more smartphones able to utilize augmented reality technology, there is certainly room for this kind of technology to truly take off again as a sustainable form of gaming rather than as a crazed bubble that occurred with Pokemon Go. Should this happen, the game should easily be able to emulate the success of Pokemon Go and sustain it far more readily.

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