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Why Some YouTube Gaming Videos Look So Much Better

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  • Have you noticed that some YouTube gaming videos look absolutely stunning, while others have poor definition, stutter a lot, or just don’t quite seem to cut it in terms of quality? If you’re going to be recording gaming videos for YouTube it is important that you understand the reasons why some videos look so good and others do not.

    Recording Parameters for High Quality Gameplay Videos

    The first area that you need to look at to record excellent YouTube gaming videos are the recording parameters that you’re using. In particular you’ll want to scrutinize the:

    • Resolution

    Higher resolutions are clearer, and if possible you’ll want to record at 1080p Full HD at least. Ideally the resolution that you’re running your game at will be the same or higher than the recording resolution.

    • Frame rate

    Technically any frame rate above 30 is considered ‘good’ – but for high quality YouTube gaming videos it is best to try recording at 60 frames per second. The difference in quality will be very visible, as your videos will look much more fluid.

    The one caveat with recording at high resolutions and frame rates is the fact that it can take a significant amount of processing power. That ties in to the other reason why some YouTube gaming videos look better.

    Balancing the In-Game Graphic’s Settings

    Because you’re essentially recording gaming videos as they appear on your screen, the in-game graphics settings will have a big part to play. As you can imagine if you’re using higher graphics settings the video that you record will look much better.

    That being said running a game at high graphics settings while recording at the same time can be difficult, and your system may not be able to cope with it. If your system resources are taxed too heavily, your game’s frame rate will drop – and it may stutter or react sluggishly.

    To avoid that you need to balance the in-game graphics settings so that you’re able to both play the game at an acceptable quality while recording at the same time. Initially you could try setting everything to the highest settings, but if you notice a drop in quality you should start to scale down some of the settings.

    Generally it is best to start by lowering the more processor-intensive graphics settings, such as antialiasing, supersampling, draw distance, and HDR. It may take a bit of experimentation to strike just the right balance, but it will be well worth it.

    Encoding in the Right Settings

    After you’ve recorded your video, you should encode it in the right settings. As a rule you should follow YouTube’s recommended settings so that the video isn’t transcoded once again after it is uploaded.

    Try to encode your video using the same resolution and frame rate as it was recorded in to avoid any problems. Based on the recommended settings you can then find a bitrate to match, and select the appropriate format (i.e. MP4 with H.264 for YouTube).


    If you take into account the factors listed above, you should be able to record YouTube gaming videos that look great. All you really need is a decent software to record gameplay, and for example you could try Movavi Ultimate Game Recorder.

    As a final resort you may want to upgrade your system if you find that recording videos while running a game is something that it can’t cope with. Before you do that however, you should make sure that you’ve looked into all the other factors and are absolutely certain that they aren’t the problem.

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