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Online Gambling and Virtual Reality

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  • Games have always been part of our lives ever since the earliest days and many say that it all started in ancient Rome. But games of chance may date back even further, perhaps when Eve decided to take a bite of the forbidden fruit? When you think about it, it’s no doubt that gambling has a deep history, doesn’t it?

    As the years passed, gaming or more specifically gambling, began to change its form, especially since the advent of the internet in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Now it is common to play mobile slots on your smartphone while commuting to work.

    But even this has changed. What many people thought was the pinnacle in terms of gaming innovation about 20 years ago, evolved into what people thought was once inconceivable. As it stands, we now have two very popular niches mixed into one neat segment. This is known as online gambling and virtual reality gaming and we’ll tell you all about it below.

    All About Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality, at best, can be described as a form of technology that allows you to hear sounds and ‘see’ realistic images and other sensations as if you are in a physical environment.

    While many people believe that virtual reality only came to the fore in recent times, the truth is, it has been in existence for over 100 years! The history of VR dates back to the late 1860s at it was around that time that innovators started exploring the idea of creating augmented reality devices. Since then, there were many developments performed by various individuals and institutions, all with the aim of creating unique technology that could change the world. It was only in 2013, that we’ve seen a major breakthrough with the invention of the Oculus VR headset.

    The Birth of Virtual Reality Casinos

    In the early days, virtual reality was created for entertainment purposes, and there was no specific realm in which VR sets were supposed to work in. However, after the release of the first Oculus headsets, a few operators in the gaming industry realised that virtual reality devices could be used in addressing a pertinent challenge that they had been facing for some time. And that was the inability of online casinos to provide players with a gaming atmosphere that closely resembled the atmosphere found in a land based casino.

    As such, casino operators explored the idea of creating VR environments, with the ability to ‘walk’ ‘play’ and ‘interact’ with other players in a realistic virtual casino. Slots Millions Casino is one of the very first virtual reality casinos and the games found in this casino’s lobby reigns from NetEnt, which is also one of the very first software developers to create games for a virtual reality setting.

    The Future of Virtual Reality and Online Gambling

    A quick Google search right now for the term ‘virtual reality casinos’ will return only a handful of results. The reason is simply because there are a few VR gambling establishments in operation today. Despite this, the future of virtual reality casinos looks quite promising in terms of demand. On the flip side of the coin however, one of the main reasons behind the poor performance of VR casinos is attributed to the exorbitant prices of headsets. But, as an increased number of companies start to create VR headsets, odds are (economically), the prices are going to drop and in turn, it may lead to more players purchasing headsets and thus exploring the concept of virtual reality and online gambling.

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