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5 Best Lego Architecture Sets

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  • One of the reasons why LEGO® continues to be seen as the most ingenious toy in the world is because of its accurate depiction of world-famous landmarks. Through the LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection, you can recreate and explore iconic destinations right at your own desk. The collection puts the spotlight on the some of the most magnificent cityscape from around the world. From the contemporary buildings of New York City, to show-stopping curves in Australia’s capital city, Sydney, there’s a LEGO Architecture set waiting to transport you to another world.

    Below are some of the best architecture sets that LEGO has released throughout the years:

    New York City Skyline

    Celebrate the architectural diversity of the Big Apple with the New York City Skyline LEGO set. This 598-piece set is part of the LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection, which features accurate replicas of cityscapes and landmarks around the globe. The buildings included in this set are interpretations of some of the most well-known structures in New York City including the Statue of Liberty, One World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and the Flatiron Building. Using the included booklet, it will take you around an hour to build this set.

    The set is designed for children ages 12 and above.

    Eiffel Tower

    This 321-piece set lets you recreate one of the most recognized architectural wonder in the world: the Eiffel Tower. The iconic iron structure was constructed in 1889 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. The Eiffel Tower is named after French civil engineer Gustave Eiffel who is credited for the design of the tower. This set is recommended for LEGO fans ages 12 and up, although younger LEGO builders can also build this with ease using the detailed instructions that come with the set.

    Sydney Skyline

    Celebrate the splendor of Sydney by building this Sydney Skyline LEGO model. The set comes with 360 LEGO pieces that let you build the Australian Capital’s famous landmarks including the Sydney Opera House, Deutsche Bank Place, and Sydney Harbour Bridge. The set uses scaled depiction of well-known structures and incorporates details such as transparent blue tiles to represent the grandeur of the Sydney skyline. This set was designed for adults and children ages 12 and above who have an affinity for architecture. Using the included booklet, the build will take at least half an hour.

    Buckingham Palace

    Display an iconic London landmark at home or in the office by building this LEGO Architecture Buckingham Palace Construction set. The 780-piece set focuses on creating a replica of the Palace’s east wing with its famous balcony, Royal flag, forecourt, and palace gates. You also get to build a portion of the Mall with a red double-decker bus, and a black taxi cab. The included booklet has building instructions and gives information on the design and history of the palace.  Perfect even for beginners as it offers a rewarding play experience.

    United Nations Headquarters

    Prepare for a fun build experience with the United Nations Headquarters LEGO set. Released as part of LEGO’s Architecture line, this model incorporates all the important details of the structure that stands on the banks of New York City’s East River. Details include the inward curve of the building, the smooth facade, and the 19 flags at the front of the building. The design book included in the box comes in English and French and provides details on the design of the United Nations Headquarters including its history and changes made in the structure throughout the years. A total of 597 pieces make up this set.

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