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Skeletons in the Closet

Gothic and Streetwise Fashion on Fleek

Clothes have become weirder but how much we love the gothic and street-wise fashion which complement each other gin and tonic. The mix of gothic and street-wise fashion has been and still is a high-end fashion trademark. The gothic-street fashion is one of the top clothing trends that didn’t originate from the runways but from the concrete jungle where dreams are made. From the alleys, the hood, obviously the streets.

But what is so special about being gothic and street oriented than real pokies online? As far as we know, the Gothics are scary people who find beauty in things that other people don’t. On the other hand, the street is a harsh environment, especially the ‘ghetto’ where crime is a way of life. There are many reasons why the two make up an exquisite fashion trend? Great people and great ideas usually come from despised backgrounds and places.

Goth and street Chic

If you are inspired by dark apparel you will be interested in trying a gothic style look. The Goth chicks are unique in their bold makeup and outfits. They really are good at expressing their individuality. History has it that they are isolated because of how they choose to live their lives but it’s easier being isolated if you are gothic. Mixing the gothic and streetwise fashion is all about building your own fashion sense that will give you satisfaction.

Black is the colour

For gothic- street fashion lovers, black is the way to go. The perfect Goth look is going completely black but with a streetwise fashion attached for the go. The male version of a goth-streetwise fashion is not extreme like the gothic fashion for women. Often this includes the use of black nail polish or a gothic makeover. All you will need is a mix of streetwear and with a black aesthetic.

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