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Can Music Help You to Win in Gaming?

Music can have a bigger effect on your life than simply being pleasant to listen to. Research shows that the sounds we enjoy can actually help us to succeed in many areas of life, including when we are online gaming.

Listening to certain music can give us a boost in many different ways. Music has the power to naturally help us concentrate and focus, while it can enhance our commitment and determination and even improve the memory. But what benefits you gain depend on which type of music you listen to.

Humorous Gambling

For gaming sessions involving gambling, such as online casino or online poker games you could try some gambling-inspired songs for a humorous touch. For example, Poker Face, Ace of Spades and Viva Las Vegas might add to the flavor of the gaming floor. If you are playing various bingo games online, something more party-inspired and cheesy could fit the bill, such as Simply the Best, You Win Again, Lucky You, Let’s Get it Started by Black Eyed Peas or even Money Money Money by Abba!

Video Games

If you are looking to enhance your gaming session when playing video games such as shooters, you would benefit from vibrant, punky songs from bands such as Linkin Park. These kinds of songs can pump you up for gaming action and add some great atmosphere. The vibe is more about focused emotion to drive you on in the game.


Music is a great way to enhance your gambling session because music can be a great stress buster and it helps you to concentrate on your game. Enjoying the music you are listening to helps you to enjoy the gaming experience even more and de-stress, resulting in a better performance. This is true whether you are playing video games for fun or gambling for money.

For songs to really help you feel grit and determination, nothing beats the classic Eye of the Tiger from the Rocky movies. This song might be a bit stereotypical but it can really help you focus on your goals, whether that is the next poker hand or reaching the next level in your game.

Rap and RnB

If you need something more modern to float your boat, it all depends on your particular taste. For example, some gamers love rap and Eminem is often a favourite, while another top choice is smooth RnB for a more chilled gaming session. The type of game and the emotion you want to create will have a big impact on the best songs for you to choose.

A great idea is to create a playlist from your favourite songs so you can find this and play it whenever you are involved in a long gaming session. By listening to your favourite tunes you can help to immediately get into the groove of your session and hit the right emotional note.

Classical Concentration

For really in-depth concentration, studies show that classic music can help you to focus the mind and boost performance. With no words to listen to, you are more likely to be focused on the task rather than the songs storylines. If you don’t like classical orchestral music there are plenty of modern instrumental tunes you could try, such as Tubular Bells, chill-out music or even pan-pipes! If the sounds of the forest aren’t your thing, you could opt for dance tracks without lyrics.

The Sound of Silence

Whatever you favourite games and whether you’re playing video games or gambling, there are some songs out there that can enhance your session. But if none of this works, maybe the sound of silence is the best choice! There are some great noise-cancelling headphones that can block out all distractions and give you a silent gaming session free from all noise.

Do you prefer music or silence when gaming?

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