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Slots Victorious

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  • Statistics show that slots games are overwhelmingly a favorite among casino gamblers and online players alike. The latest research suggests that over 2/3 of casino-goers play some variation of real money slots games, and casinos worldwide from palatial resorts to your mom and pop spots earn a huge chunk of their revenue from these clinking coin machines.

    Long gone are the days of smoky Las Vegas lounges and old nickel and quarter fruit slots machines. Today’s slots explode off the screen offering every theme imaginable, complete with stunning graphics and smooth gameplay ready to entice even the most cautious of players. The largest casino operators estimate that they owe over 70 percent of their entire revenue thanks to slots, so let’s dive deeper in to what makes these money machines so popular

    No skill required – One of the biggest reason that slots games are so popular is the fact that would-be gamers need required no skill in order to play them. Simply pop in a few games, select the desired amount of paylines, the amount of the wager, and start spinning! Unlike other popular casino games like blackjack or craps, where a modest understanding of the game comes in handy, slots rely on random number generators. Meaning that no amount of skill will influence the outcome of the spin of the reels or winning combinations. While this factor might deter some players, others accept it gladly, because your odds of winning are just as good as the next person’s, and it could be your lucky day.

    Variety – Of all of the games located on the casino floor or online establishment, real money slots games definitely have the most variety. There are only so many ways you can present the game of baccarat or roulette without altering the rules, but slots, the sky’s the limit. Slots games come in a variety of themes from classic three-reel machines to the latest, state-of-the-art video slots and everything in between. The paylines and winning combinations are endless, and the themes are often highly entertaining, drawing from pop culture and film franchises and moving to aquatic, adventure, horror, and fantasy games just to name a few. You get the highest quality casino games, all for a fraction of the wager for other casino games. It’s no wonder that they are so popular.

    Progressive Jackpots – Another major motivating factor for players is the fact that real money slots offer some of the highest payouts and jackpots of any game in the casino, if not the highest. The fact that a game Pai Gow or blackjack will have a max double your money feature, slots reward players the chance of winning thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or in some cases millions of times their initial wager. With progressive jackpots, the more people that play the game, the higher a jackpot will be for a lucky enthusiast.

    Instant Play – One distinct feature that is exclusive to online slots is the fact that players can visit the most popular online casinos and slots sites to play instantly, and free! Just by signing up for a free player account gets you access to all of the latest, exciting slots games, that offer hours upon hours of exciting slots game play. What more could you want from a game? Just visit the sites you want to find out more. We highly recommend Slotu.com. There’s literally no risk.

    Slots bonuses – Last but not least, the best online slots games offer unique bonuses and in-game features that reward players with a chance to get even more out of their time playing. The greater the number of games offered at an online slots games site, the wider the number of bonus options and free games. Opportunity is endless, so why not find out for yourself. Simply put, slots are the way to play.

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