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The amazing development of video games business in recent years

The film and music industries already seem niche if you compare your billing with that of video games. This last market grows thanks to the successive incorporations of small firms. A small mustachioed dog that pursues a mushroom to grow in size, a porcupine that runs faster than lightning, a gorilla that keeps throwing barrels, a green beast that emits electricity, a sorcerer who fires incendiary skulls and a curvy armed archaeologist up to the teeth. 

These brief descriptions belong to some of the most famous video game characters of all time: Super Mario Bros, Sonic, Donkey Kong, Blanka in Street Fighter, Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat and Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, but the list is endless: The Legend of Zelda, Prince of Persia, Crash Bandicot and Rayman. There are so many, so many, that we would need hundreds of pages just to name them. The truth is that the video game industry is in one of the ‘sweetest’ moments of its history, generating billions of dollars worldwide and establishing itself as one of the most profitable and powerful entertainment industries of all. Along with the development of technology, game business takes its place is one of investment for beginners.

With each passing year, the videogame machinery not only solidifies, but also leads the global entertainment scene. Without going any further, in 2016, it had already produced sales of US $ 91,800 million, a figure that rose in 2017 to US $ 99,600 million, according to data from Newzoo, the market’s leading source. Faced with this advance, the experts do not hesitate to predict the goal of US $ 106,500 million by the end of this year. It is only a few numbers that show the profitability of a “fully sustainable” industry, which is also capable of transcending its own borders, breaking the screen and conquering all audiences. The industry has managed to expand beyond its limits, reaching to generate icons of popular culture, present stories in movie theaters and even dream of having own competitions within the Olympic Games.

Consoles and consumers

The age ranges to play Resident Evil or Duke Nukem are blurred and no longer seem so clear, as well as the habits of consumers. The forecasts place smartphones and digital tablets as the big owners of the market by the year 2020. To note,Playstation 4 has become the “most profitable” console, backed by numbers and having become the flagship of SONY. This is revealed by sales reaching US $ 17,000 million in the world, well above the US $ 9,100 million obtained by Xbox One. In total, the profits of the brand of SONY video games reach US $ 19,700 million among all its products. But if there is a general consensus regarding the dominance of SONY, with PS4 in the lead, does this mean that there is no room for the others?

Technology is always evolving, not least technology games. SONY may dominate to this day but this fact does not at all conceal an opportunity for other consoles to advance to the surface.

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