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Geometry Dash Meltdown: This Review Will Definitely Put Things in Perspective

The fresh out of the box Geometry Dash Meltdown game will give us more spikes and beasts than seen in any other game from the series. We cannot do anything, but be excited! This game is no ordinary – you’ll need to jump, flip and fly on your path among caves and obstacles towards the end of the game. What’s even better? The three big levels and the music from F-777.

A game designed to help you exceed your limits

Throughout the game, you’ll have to exceed your limits. That, if you want to finish all the levels successfully. For instance, you need to know how fast can you tap and then make that score even better. We could teach you how to play it, but we cannot teach you how to handle all the frustration you’re going to get from the game. You’ll get to customize your character the way you want, by choosing specific meltdown icons and colors. This can give personality to your hero. If you change it according to your way to be, maybe you’ll understand each other’s pain in this Meltdown journey. Even the title of the game says it – just look at it. We really think that’s not a coincidence. You generally just need to understand how the game works, and from there it should be a piece of cake.

The difference between Meltdown and the others

We already know that Geometry Dash Meltdown is the successor of the Geometry Dash. This means that the game, overall, is similar, so there aren’t big changes. Even the method used to play the game is similar: keep the rhythm and control the hero. We’ve seen one difference though, and that is that the quality of the image, which was highly improved. The design of the levels? Also outstanding.

Don’t let the rage ruin your fun

While you’re swimming in rage, it would be a good idea to enjoy the features from time to time. That, if you want to have a relaxing time. Although we are not really sure how that’s possible – but that’s what makes the game interesting and fun. It also trains your focus and your agility, due to the fact that the game is based on rhythm. The different tools will help you get through all the levels of the game, and we think you can do it easily, thanks to them. As said earlier, you’ll also get to customize your hero. As mentioned earlier, there’s only one why to win, and that is to understand how the game works.

This adaptation is not that different from its earlier versions. However, on your path you’ll meet some brand new traps, for instance, the image reversal, which we think it’s pretty cool. But what actually caught our attention was the fact that gamers can make a scheme of the levels spontaneously and then share the levels online. You can even play them with your friends.

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