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ITIL V3 Foundation Certification – Get In IT Services Management Industry

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  • IT professionals require a lot of different certifications in order to advance in their careers and land well paying jobs in the industry. These certifications mean that the IT professional has in-depth knowledge about the topic and is eligible for any job that requires a certain type of work. Most of the candidates take the certificate examinations along with their degree courses so that they can apply for jobs immediately after graduating from the college. Once such certificate that is extremely necessary for any IT professional is the ITIL V3 Foundation Certification. This is one of the most widely known entry-level certification that is the basic requirement for the IT professionals.

    If you want to get the ITIL V3 Foundation Certification and are preparing for the exam, you should know everything about it. Hence, we have created a detailed guide on this certificate exam and how you can succeed in it.

    ITIL V3 Foundation Certification Exam- What is it?

    The ITIL V3 Foundation Certification is an entry-level examination that certifies that the candidate has a general awareness of all the technologies, elements and concepts in the ITIL service lifecycle. This certification is a necessity for the people who want to have a career in the IT department. You will learn about the best practices in the IT management and the key principles while preparing for this examination. You will also have all the knowledge that is required to apply ITIL tools, concepts and techniques.

    Eligibility Criteria

    All the candidates with the basic knowledge of the subject can easily apply for the examination. Most of the candidates are IT graduates working in the IT firms. The certification is most suited for the individuals that are working as IT Architects, IT managers, operation managers, database administrators, quality analysts, process owners, service delivery professionals and system administrators. However, there is no set eligibility criteria. The candidate should be above the age of 18 to give the exam.

    Registration Fee

    The candidates need to pay a fee of $150 in order to give the exam. If the candidate does not qualify in the exam, they can sit for it again. They will have to pay the fee of $150 each time they give the exam.

    Pattern of Examination

    The candidates are given 40 multiple choice questions that have to be solved within an hour by the candidates.

    Syllabus and Study Material

    The syllabus is available on official website. The students can opt for different ways to prepare for this examination. Some of which involve:

    Self Study Material

    The self-study material can be anything from the YouTube videos on the topic of ITIL Training Zone course. Some of the self-study material available online is free and some might cost you from $100 to $300.

    Online as Well as Offline Classes

    Online as well as offline instructor lead training is one of the best options to prepare for this exam. Local training providers are available in all the countries that tie up with the examination institutes. These are certified professionals that will help you prepare for the exam and will also provide you with the study material.


    A lot of books are available at the local bookstores as well as online on platforms such as Amazon that can help you cover all the topics that are required to pass this examination.

    The candidates can also find free practice tests at various portals online that can help them in practicing before the actual examination.

    The Advantages of ITIL Foundation Certification

    There are numerous advantages to getting the ITIL V3 Foundation certification. One of the biggest advantages is that you can apply for more jobs and you will be selected for more jobs. Most of the ITIL certified professionals land 40% more jobs than the non-certified ones.

    Additionally, the job opportunities that you will receive will pay you much higher than the others.

    With the ITIL V3 Foundation certification you will have a detailed knowledge of the general concepts of the ITIL service lifecycle and hence it will increase your skill set. Now you will have more knowledge that will help you serve your customers much better. This certification will help you stand out amongst the others and make you more eligible for promotions and higher posts.

    Over 10,000 organizations worldwide have adopted the ITIL certification. Hence you will have many more options when it comes to job posts, locations and salary. Additionally, getting this certification will only benefit you in more ways than other.

    Tips to Ace ITIL Foundation Certification Exam

    Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind in order to succeed in the ITIL Foundation Certification Exam:

    Read all the topics thoroughly

    The most important thing that you need to do in order to qualify for this exam has a thorough knowledge of all the topics. Since there are only 40 questions that you need to answer, you cannot afford to leave any topic untouched.

    Solve practice papers regularly

    Find practice papers online and solve them regularly. This will help you increase your speed and will help you speed and also help you in assessing your weaknesses and strengths.

    Only apply when you are ready

    Do not apply for the exam when you are not ready. Since there is a big fee that you need to pay while applying for the exam, it is better to apply when you have prepared properly.

    Seek help from authorized individuals and institutions

    Do not fall for the scams and only seek help and guidance from the authorized individuals. These scam websites charge you and do not provide you with the correct study material.

    The ITIL V3 Foundation Certification is one of the first stepping stones for you to make it big in the IT world. For the jobs in most of the biggest posts in the IT industry, the foundation certificate is a necessity. However, you can also opt to take the higher level exams and increase your knowledge and skills even further. Since this is an entry-level course, you will have to take the further exams to become better and get even higher paying jobs.

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