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The Smartphone in Popular Culture

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  • There are many of us that recognise how massively we have come to rely on our smartphones for many reasons and this portable device has become such a huge part of our culture and everyday lives that to lose it on the back seat of a taxi or even worse, to have it stolen is for many tantamount to a minor disaster.

    Seen and found everywhere in everyday life the smartphone has evolved from its beginnings as a brick device only affordable to the wealthy (hence I did not use the term ‘humble beginnings’) into an essential piece of kit that can now be bought alongside your weekly shop.

    I wonder whether Steve Jobs could actually foresee the future when he said that the iPhone would change the way we communicate forever.  Back in 2007 when the very first iPhone was launched it combined powerful multimedia functions alongside all those others that came as standard like email and Web browsing in a large colour display that was user friendly.

    Today all the that power and technology that is jam-packed into a tiny machine that can be carried out and used when and wherever we choose (as long as there is a Wi-Fi connection is mind numbing if we take the time to think about it.

    Not only is the smartphone the most essential piece of kit we can carry with us it’s also a fashion statement in its own right with protective cases ranging from reasonable to the downright extravagant and only available to the mega rich.  Today we are more likely to see the models on the New York catwalk sporting a Louis Vuitton than a handbag by the same designer.

    But for the majority of people like myself it is the convenience of being connected to the internet when I want to be that is the main draw of the smartphone.  For instance, I can keep connected with my friends and family via my social media sites and do my banking at the swish of a finger. I grab some games action and play live blackjack at Conquer Casino when and where I can which I thoroughly enjoy. Games have certainly come a long way since those early days where games were, quite frankly, awful to play. Now I can source and enjoy my live games from a real bricks and mortar casino direct to my mobile phone in real time, wonderful!

    This last decade has witnessed technology advance to the extent that we now consider our smartphones as something as usual to us as our clothes and makeup, they are firmly ingrained into our culture and who knows where we shall be ten years from now.

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