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The Non-Gamer’s Guide to Gaming

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  • Today, gaming is a multi billion dollar global industry and is one of the most popular leisure activities for people of both sexes and all ages. Research carried out back in 2013 suggested that there were 1.2 billion gamers in the world, and five years on, you can be certain that this number has grown significantly.

    Yet there are still some people who hear the word “gamer” and associate it with nerdy-looking teenagers obsessed with imaginary worlds. The truth is, you don’t have to be a devotee of Warcraft of League of Legends to enjoy gaming. In fact, you don’t even need a games console, as there is a whole host of gaming experiences waiting to be enjoyed on your PC or smartphone.

    Here are some ways that those who have never thought of themselves as gamers can enjoy this huge and ever-growing part of the leisure industry.

    A night at the casino

    If anyone says that games are for kids, a perfect counter is what about casinos? They are all about games, and you’re not even allowed in unless you are over 18 or 21, depending on the jurisdiction. The same applies to the online variety, and the choice of different games on offer makes this a great way to ease someone into online gaming without them even knowing it. Online Casino BlueBook is an online casino review site that gives an independent appraisal of the many options out there to help you choose where to start.

    Watch eSports

    The eSport phenomenon provides an illustration of just how much gaming has evolved. There are global tournaments with multi million dollar prize pots, big name sponsors and live coverage on Twitch, ESPN and even the BBC. Watching others at the top of their game has always been a great incentive to get people involved in any activity – for example, new membership applications at snooker clubs soar during the two weeks that the World Championship is on TV.

    Speaking of sport….

    If you love a particular sport, the chances are, you’ll enjoy playing it online. There are games that are based on every type of sport you can think of, and they range from complex, realistic simulators such as John Madden or FIFA to fun mobile games based on pool or golf that are a great way to kill time on a boring train journey. There are also some interesting crossovers out there. Rocket League, for example, can best be described as football with cars. It sounds bizarre, but it is great fun, and very easy to get the hang of, so even gaming novices will be up ad running in no time.

    Social gaming

    Aah, Farmville. Some say Zynga created a monster with its world of virtual carrots and cows, but it certainly introduced a whole new type of gaming, and it appealed to those so-called non-gamers. Players enjoy the social interaction as much as the strategy, and the game has led to the formation of new friendships and even a few real-world romances along the way.

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