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From Offline to Online: The Legacy of Traditional Games

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  • Gaming has been part of many people’s lives for decades and even centuries. From old-fashioned games on the sidewalk to the sophisticated online games of today, the legacy of gaming is one that’s long established. But while there may seem to be little connection between the skipping ropes of yesteryear and the video games of the present day, there’s more to it than meets the eye. This article will take a walk down memory lane and explore how the games of decades gone by have influenced those of today.

    Battles and wars

    There’s no doubt about it: modern video games can be quite brutal, and there’s a real tendency for the latest releases to be a little bit disturbing in nature. From the ease with which virtual blood can be shed to the ways that some video games incentivize violent behavior, it’s no surprise that some members of older generations are concerned.

    But it’s not like this has come from nowhere: previous generations also enjoyed games that had features like these. Re-enacting war scenes in the backyard was a favorite pastime of many young boys in decades gone by, while games like battleships ensured that everyone knew how to turn the rhythms and practices of war into something fun and exciting. The difference, of course, is that modern visual technology can make it all seem that little bit more real – and the effects that this may be having on modern youngsters is hard to tell.

    Words and strategy

    The humble crossword or other newspaper or magazine puzzle may seem like a quaint or analog way of practicing your recall, vocabulary and cognitive skills, but the modern manifestation of these games reveals that they are actually still extremely popular – and that the only thing that has changed is the medium. Words With Friends, for example, has recently blown up into a highly popular Facebook game – but it operates on the same basis as Scrabble and rewards the same sorts of skills. Other than the fact that it is entirely screen-based, the only key difference is that Words With Friends operates on a multiplayer basis, which means that it can scale quickly as each enthusiastic new player invites his or her friends to join in.

    Casinos and gambling

    It’s important not to forget that gaming also covers a range of other activities as well as high profile video games and the modern versions of traditional thinking games. Casino tables, for example, are in essence games that many people enjoy: from roulette to blackjack, these games operate in much the same way as any other. Live casino at Stakers allows those who want to lay a bet to view a real-time video of an actual game in play, thus replicating the excitement and drama of a real casino – without having to leave the house.

    Exercise and activity

    Gaming also encompasses the worlds of exercise and sports – especially in their more modern iterations. The rise of consoles such as the Wii Fit reveal that there is a real demand for this mode of play, and by allowing users to enjoy sports and physical activity in the comfort of their own homes, these devices enable a whole new generation of people to move more and get fit.

    But fundamentally, the same trend is present here as in the legacy of the crossword, the war games, and all the others. The game being played on consoles like Wii Fits aren’t new. The only thing that’s new is the mode through which the game is accessed. People have, after all, been playing tennis or performing dances for a very long time – they just haven’t been doing it with the assistance or mediation of a screen. It appears, then, that the underlying appeal of traditional games hasn’t changed at all. What’s actually changed is the way in which these games are consumed.

    While there’s clearly been a lot of upheaval in the gaming world, one thing’s for certain. The underlying appeal of both specific games and gaming more generally hasn’t changed – it’s still a highly enjoyable pastime, and it’s one that isn’t likely to go away any time soon. The only aspect of gaming that has truly changed is the way that people actually carry out their games. Whether it’s the online versions of crosswords or the screen-based rounds of battleships, there are plenty of new ways to take full advantage of games, no matter what type you enjoy.

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