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How Pop Music Impacted American Society

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  • In the mid-1950s, people of all ages discovered pop or popular music. This genre of music has been known to contain elements from rock, urban, country and Latin styles. However, it is defined by its melodic tunes, hoods and repeated choruses. It is firmly believed that pop music makes a big impact on the American society. And, below you will discover more about these effects.

    Makes People Happy

    Some pop songs were upbeat, providing a positive outlook on life. Just switching on the record player and adding an album filled with upbeat pop music was enough to improve someone’s mood. It was not unusual for someone who was listening to pop music to get up and dance, regardless of his or her location. It is a fact that this type of music had a major impact on just about anyone who was willing to listen to it.

    Draws People Together

    Unlike some types of music, pop music has a way of drawing people together. Although some people disagree, a pop song influenced people to form new relationships. And, many times a favorite song was formed from these relationships. While there are millions of pop songs, most of them do not contain profanity or encourage violence. Of course, everyone’s opinion is different, so they may argue that pop music excites arguments.

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    War Protests

    Over the years, America has been involved in many wars. Many of those wars caused massive protests throughout the country. However, none were quite like the Vietnam War. One of the most popular anti-war songs of the era was Bob Seger’s 2 + 2 = ?. Barry McGuire’s Eve of Destruction is another notable Vietnam protest song. It still remains incredibly popular to this day. Creedence Clear Water Revival released Fortunate Son in 1696. These songs helped to inspire the matters to take to the streets and protest the war. They definitely helped to set the tone during the war.

    Addressing Social Issues

    Music has also had an impact on social issues around the country. Some musicians have used their platform as a way to speak out on these issues. Bob Dylan’s Times They Are A-Changin is one such song. This song addressed the African-American Civil Rights movement. The song had a huge impact and still manages to inspire current generations. Imagine from John Lenon is another song that attempted to change the world. This song clarifies the artist’s wish to have peace around the world. It was actually inspired by a poem written by Lenon’s wife Yoko Ono. Marvin Gaye also took a stand against many social issues.

    His 1971 album, What’s Going On, spoke out against the Vietnam war, while also addressing issues such as poverty and drug abuse. This album was one of the most successful of all time and is still popular to this very day. There have also been many concerts to address issues in the United States and elsewhere. The Live 8, The Concert for Bangladesh and the Tsunami Aid: Concert of Hope are three notable concerts.

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