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The Famous Casinos of Las Vegas on the Big Screen

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  • When one goes to Las Vegas, they are sure to see casinos that they have seen in the movies. The Las Vegas Strip and the downtown area are some of the most filmed areas in America. Las Vegas is an exciting city, full of fun and fantasy. No wonder it is included in so many movies.

    Stardust Casino

    Las Vegas is not a city that tends to preserve much of its history when it comes to casinos, but at least many of the casinos that have been imploded can be seen in movies from the past. The Stardust comes to mind as one of these casinos. Parts of the movie Swingers takes place in this casino. While it may not be the most exciting scene ion the movie, at least the Stardust can be seen in all of its former glory.

    The Mint Casino

    With technology, even casinos that have been gone for many years can be brought back to life for the entertainment of the public. In the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the Mint casino is featured. This hotel and casino were taken over by Binion’s next door in 1988 and the Mint was no more. The film came out in 1998, and with camera tricks and special effects, the Mint lived again, at least on screen. Parts of the movie were even filmed in what used to be the Mint. These places can be visited to this day when in downtown Las Vegas. The Mint can also be seen in Viva Las Vegas, the 1964 film. Fear and Loathing also features the legendary Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

    Multiple other Casinos

    Starring the Rat Pack, The plot of the 1960 film Ocean’s 11 is that a crew recruited by Danny Ocean will rob five casinos on New Years Eve. The casino’s are the Flamingo, Sands, Sahara, Riviera and the Desert Inn. All legendary casinos, and with the exception of the Flamingo, all gone now. These casino’s can be seen in what may have been their heyday in this movie. In 2001, a remake of Ocean’s 11 was released starring George Clooney. In this version of the film, the Bellagio, the Mirage and the MGM Grand are the targets of the band of robbers. Along with many shots featuring the inside of the Bellagio casino, the famous fountains in front of the casino can be seen.

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