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Marvel vs DC – Which is Better?

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  • This is an argument that has gone on for many years, and will probably continue to go on for many more, but that’s not going to stop us from having another go at cracking the debate that can separate families, ruin long-lasting friendships and heat up the comments section of any comic-related YouTube video. How can we judge which is better, the movie giant Marvel, or the dominator of the small-screen, DC? Well, one thing we can do is compare success through the products that their franchises have spawned; merchandise, games, spin-offs…

    Firstly, merchandise. This is where a lot of each company’s revenue is made, so these numbers are important. Marvel is the clear winner here, with Spiderman making more in global retail sales than Superman and Batman combined, despite the latter being arguably the most recognizable superheroes of all time. It’s likely that you’ve seen, or even own, clothing products that have to famous bat signal os Superman “S” on them. There is an argument that it is the notoriety, not the money, that makes a franchise successful, but at the end of the day, a company needs money to keep going.

    Video games have also become a huge money-maker for these companies. They are a way for fans to immerse themselves in the worlds of their favourite superheroes. So, obviously, they have capitalized on this and you can find board games, video games, and even gambling sites that cater to superhero fans: you can enjoy online UK slots at Super Casino which include licensed superhero games such as Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice and Superman The Movie or while away hours playing Lego Batman. DC is considered the best in this section of marketing, producing hits such as Injustice and DC Legends. There’s talk of more games on the way, with Time Warner CEO Kevin Tsujihara speaking about how important video games are to the company at a recent conference.

    Furthermore, DC is dominant in the field of television with big successes such as Arrow, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow all bringing in large numbers of viewers online as well as on TV. The hugely popular shows then create their own merchandise and bring revenue in that way. It is arguable that this factor alone makes DC more successful because they aren’t reliant on a few big names to make their money, and have more stability because of this. However, Marvel is the master of creating a dedicated fan-base and giving those fans with what they want. The amount of Iron Man films and a third Avengers movie coming out soon is a testament to the way that Marvel can keep people coming back for more – even if the sequels sometimes don’t live up to the hype.

    In the end, I don’t think that we will ever have an answer to the question: “Which is better?” because it tends to be a personal choice! Everyone has their own favorite superhero and tends to be unwavering in their defense of whichever company created them. Combine this with the fact that both are extremely successful in different fields, and voila, you have a debate that could go on forever – so it’s best just to love them both.

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