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Looking for Dota or CS:GO Skins? – Earn them!

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  • Looking for Dota or CS:GO Skins? – Earn them!

    Nowadays, more and more gamers are wondering where to get skins for CS:GO and Dota. In this short yet effective review, we will describe several life-hacks that will definitely help to receive everything you want with minimum investments and without any risks at all.

    The More You Play, The More You Get

    There are a few rules to remember when playing CS:GO. The first one is if you want to make this activity really profitable, then it is highly recommended to deal only with registered websites like https://skinsmarket.com/sell-csgo or any other. In such a way, you won’t be at risk of losing money. The second rule to follow is the longer and more often you play, the more skins you receive. Herewith, there is a special internal time-recorder that influences the quantity of drops. It is updated once a week at night from Wednesday to Thursday. That’s why it is important to remember that at the very beginning of this period, the drop appears more often. Consequently, the closer the updating is, the less things you can get, and vice versa.

    Classes and Uniqueness

    It is more than possible to get skins playing the aforementioned favorite games. Yet, don’t bet on high exclusiveness of these items. We would also like to remind you that there are 6 classes of items in CS:GO:

    • White – consumer class;
    • Blue – industrial class;
    • Dark-blue – military class;
    • Violet – limited class;
    • Pink – black-out class;
    • Red – secret class.

    Very often players get consumer goods they are not interested in much. Later, it goes in ascending order of rarity and price of a skin: the higher it is, the less often it appears.

    Skins Market Exchange

    If you have a couple of skins you don’t need and don’t use, then why not sell them on a skins market? By doing so, you don’t only earn money, but also get an opportunity to invest this money buying a skin you need.

    One more option is to exchange items with other users. The most important is that a skin should not be banned. Try to find a player who will be interested in your item, and make an exchange. No need to get upset, if there is no one wishing to exchange, since you can always use the services of exchange platforms. At such places, one can get any skins in return of certain items. However, remember that such services take commission. Therefore, be ready to overpay about 10% from the cost.

    The Bottom Line

    As you can see, there are several ways to get skins. With this being said, to get the best result, it is advised to use them all in various combinations. As a result, you will get so-desirable skins quicker and easier! Be creative, active, and you will 100% make it profitable!

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