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Why You Should Choose Group Adventure Games

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  • What once began as a minor fad in parts of Europe and along the West Coast has now turned into a country-wide craze as thousands of individuals are discovering the fun and the excitement in group adventure games. These games typically make use of an escape room where participants must work out the puzzle, solve the mystery or figure out how to escape in a designated time limit. Whether you are considering a group adventure game for your next family reunion or for a team project at work, here are six great ways that adventure games can benefit you.

    You Can Learn to Work Together as a Team

    Adventure games are great for learning teamwork and thus make excellent activities for coworkers. As team-building activities, adventure games can help you learn new communication skills, build morale and even increase team productivity.

    You Can Put Your Puzzle Solving Skills to Work

    If you love to solve puzzles on paper, love reading mysteries or enjoy playing puzzle video games, escape room adventure games are for you. With these games, you must use the clues left around the room to escape as a group. Everything you see may be a viable clue.

    You Can Learn to Work within a Time Limit

    Never worry that you will be stuck in your escape room forever. This game forces you to work within a time limit, and you will typically have only an hour to discover the answer to be a winner. This can be a great exercise if you need to learn to work within a time limit or need to force yourself to make quick decisions.

    You Can Try Something Different

    Have you gotten tired of your typical game nights with friends? With adventure games, you can spice things up and try something new. While it may be outside your comfort zone, you are sure to create many fun memories. Trying new things has actually been shown to improve creativity.

    You Can Choose a Story Line That Appeals to You

    Not all adventure games are murder mysteries. Some make you solve a theft, save the world from sudden collapse, escape from zombies or live in a fairy tale. If murder mysteries scare you or if you are in a group with younger individuals, you can choose a lower-key adventure. You may even want to consider dressing up to match your chosen story line to create a theme night.

    You Can Use Them for Nearly Any Group

    Adventure games are not only for team building with coworkers. They are also wonderful for groups of friends, birthday parties, date nights, bachelor parties and much more. Whether you are a group of two or a group of a dozen, you are sure to have fun solving the puzzle together.

    Be sure to choose adventure games from reputable companies, such as Arcadia Adventures. This will ensure that your experience is both safe and pleasurable. These larger companies can also offer more intricately designed adventure rooms and usually have numerous adventure games to play, allowing you to choose one that best matches your tastes. Besides the fun that you will find with these games, you can also experience stress reduction, honed creative skills and improved teamwork with coworkers or those you love.

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