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Unpacking The 5 Types Of Gamers

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  • There seems to be a general consensus about the varying types of games that tend to exist in today’s digi-infused world. When initially approached with the question “what are the different types of gamers that exist?”, I thought the task to be somewhat daunting. Primarily due to the fact that given the immense size of the gaming industry, I was sure to find myself searching all the ins and outs of the gamers world for the next fortnight, at least.

    Thankfully, upon further investigation, it has become quite clear that there are, at best, a handful of gamer-types that many experts, gaming forum holders and gamer community watchdogs, among many others, have singled out. Each of these gamers has received a noteworthy mention from numerous sources. It is these selected few gamer types that have piqued my interest.

    It will also be these specific gamer types that we will be taking a closer look at. Consensus says, these are the common types of gamers to be found:

    1. Casual Gamers
    2. Old School Gamers
    3. Social Gamers
    4. Expert Gamers
    5. Pro Gamers
    1.    The Casual One

    This type of gamer doesn´t take gaming too seriously and play it casual – from start to finish. This gamer is prone to playing any type of game, from your hardcore XBox One X only games to those PS4 gamers, to computer-PC gamers, SEGA games, Nintendo games, arcade games and even mobile games too. It wouldn’t surprise me to see this type of gamer whip out their smartphone and get to some gameplay via a mobile casino app, like mFortune, as this gamer is in the know about all types of gameplay opportunities the internet has on offer and is not afraid to try out new, intersting gaming avenues too.

    Name the game, and this casual gamer has probably played it, or will probably be keen for a whirl or two on the game in question. Don’t expect to see this type of gamer queuing in line for that latest game title to be released, as this gamer will no doubt be casually lounging, mobile-in-hand, couch-surfing the many other trillions of games that have been released for gameplay

    2.    The Old School One

    These gamer types are retro gamers that tend to find their gaming joy in sticking to the 16-bit, and even the 8-bit, type of game interface. You’ll find that with these gamers, their penchant for nostalgia has kept these players loyal to operators the likes of Nintendo and SEGA.

    This bunch of gamers are traditionally not very captivated by any new releases, however, of late quite a few software developers who are empathetic with the plight of the old school gamer, have sought to bring these players new gaming title renditions that comprise of 8-bit and 16-bit technology. If it is as they say, and ‘old school rules’, then these Old School Gamers sure do keep that sentiment alive and well indeed.

    3.    The Social One

    The Social Gamer is motivated by the desire to play highly energetic, fast-paced games, that are interactive, that encourage participation and engagement throughout. The social gamer seeks out multiplayer games to get stuck in, as opposed to single player games. You’ll find the Social Gamer is most at home playing games the likes of ‘World of Warcraft’, or ‘League of Legends’ or ‘Minecraft’ – to name just a few.

    Most often, the Social Gamer is greatly influenced by their social circle, as to which game title they would opt to play, due to the very nature of this type of gamer being firmly set in the multiplayer type of gaming experience.

    4.    The Expert One

    The type of gamer that we would consider to be an Expert Gamer is all about the game, through and through, and being the ‘top dog’, or in other words, the Alpha Player, all in all.

    As adept at playing those niche game titles as they are playing the uber-popular banger type of games, this calibre of gamer has a level of gameplay that is unrivalled by most other gamer types. The only real exception being the Pro Gamer; the only real type of gamer that can even try to step to the type of gamer found in the expert one.

    The Expert gamer is just like the casual gamer, in that they are prone to being able to play just about any kind of game title, within any kind of game genre, carrying any kind of game theme – and they will no doubt play the game, whatever game that may be, well!

    5.    The Pro One

    This type of gamer is just as skilled as the expert one, however, instead of being a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ kind of player, which the Expert Gamer most certainly is, the Pro Gamer would more likely be likened to a ‘master’ in their field of gameplay preference.

    A prime example of this type of gamer would be those Pro Poker players. These types of gamers are playing their hand at massive stakes, having to keep calm and cool amidst big pressure. Not an easy feat, believe me.

    Another example of this type of Pro Gamer would be those one-in-a-million type of players that are easily to be considered on par with prodigy-types, having managed to secure for themselves cushy job titles, where their sole duty day in and day out would be to play a variety of games, reviewing them and analysing them, making a living out of playing games. This is next-level type of Pro Gaming!

    No matter the type of gaming one may find themselves drawn to, or the level of gaming one has found themselves maintaining, or even what type of gamer one may identify themselves with, what is sure to keep all eager gamers satisfied is the knowledge that regardless, there is always going to be a game style out there that will ensure gameplay satisfaction for each gamer looking for such. Just keep looking, the best type of gameplay is out there, waiting for you to play.

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