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3 Plausible Plotlines for Infinity War

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  • With the new Avengers film, Infinity War, set to debut on April 27th, many fans have been geeking out about all the possibilities that could await our Marvel heroes when they finally go up against the big baddie, Thanos.

    In online message boards and forums, there is no shortage of theories about what could go down. Keep in mind the Infinity War film is inspired by 1991’s classic Infinity Gauntlet comic miniseries, its sequel The Infinity War, 2010’s Secret Avengers, and 2013’s Infinity. A lot of the rumors and speculation originated from those panels.

    Let’s take a look at three of the most plausible rumors about the Infinity War storyline that are currently trending.

    Warning: although these are only theories at this point, the information below could be considered spoiler-ish in nature.

    A Major Marvel Death

    A Marvel hero dying is the topic that has created the most buzz leading up to Infinity War. Thanos comes to Earth and reeks so much havoc that it’s hard to believe there won’t be casualties. Without knowing much more, there are a few deaths that seem the most likely.

    Captain America (Chris Evans) has been a Marvel OG and could be the one to meet his demise. Real spoiler alert! In the comics, Captain America actually died during Civil War. However, that pivotal death scene might be on hold until next year’s quasi Infinity War sequel. Evans has stated that he plans on hanging up his tights in 2019. Do you believe him? Could it all be a swerve to get in front of the rumors?

    Other plausible deaths include the likes of Loki, who is seen in the trailer handing Thanos the Tesseract while his fellow dead Asgardians float around him. Could the God of Mischief be barking up the wrong tree? There is a decent chance that Loki will be sent packing to Hela’s Hel at some point in the film.

    Let’s also not forget about Vision, who may not be a major character, but happens to have a big infinity stone right smack dab on his forehead. That pretty much spells “I’m so dead” doesn’t it? We see Thanos reach out to grab the stone in the trailer which could mean Vision is toast.

    Iron Man’s New Look

    Although there has been some talk about Iron Man potentially biting the dust, I think he will be around for the foreseeable future in some shape or form. One of those forms could be in the way of a brand-new Iron Man suit made out of the substance introduced to us in this year’s Black Panther film. I’m talking about the precious metal Vibranium.

    In a recent interview leading up to the cinematic release of Black Panther, Robert Downey Jr interviews Chadwick Boseman, and something may have slipped. Boseman mentions that Tony Stark has “a bunch of Vibranium” which leads to Downey Jr. awkwardly replying, “Yeah, I got a little.” Fast forward to the recent trailer, and we see an Iron Man with possible suit enhancements along with an army of drones.

    Also, in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tony Stark takes over the company Damage Control which was in charge of cleaning up the ruins of Sakovia after the massive accident in the Age of Ultron movie. Supposedly, the big thrusters that made the Sakovia land mass float may have been made from Vibranium. So, if Damage Control recovered those thrusters, it would have a plethora of the rare metal for Stark to use in the new bleeding-edge suit that comes out of his chest receptor in the movie trailer. It would be similar to Black Panther’s suit, which comes out of his necklace.

    Hulk Goes Rogue?

    There have been some theories floating around that The Incredible Hulk we saw in Thor: Ragnarok is slowly separating from Bruce Banner, which is something that happened in the comics (Incredible Hulk #315 and Fear Itself #7). For the most part, the MCU is not afraid to pick up those story ideas. If you pay attention to the promotional material, something crazy happens to Hulk. Actress Scarlett Johansson was quoted as saying there is a devastating reunion between Black Widow and Bruce Banner.

    Is it possible that Hulk separates from his science-nerd alter ego and goes rogue once again, maybe fighting The Avengers on behalf of Thanos? That’s something that could kick off the rumored World War Hulk storyline in a future Marvel film.

    Fans won’t know for sure which plausible plotlines will play out in the movie until late April, but what we do know is that Infinity War will be the biggest film production of all time, boasting a $1-billion price tag. Don’t feel sorry for Disney/Marvel though; they are expected to make an estimated $1.6 billion at this year’s box office because people are clamoring to finally see all their heroes on one screen together.

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