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How to change your skin in Minecraft

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  • Minecraft is amazing, for you can play as any character that has ever existed in the history of fiction! You can literally become an alien or a Homer Simpson – how cool is that?! If you were wondering how to change Minecraft skin, then this instruction is exactly for you! Whether you are playing on PC or on an Apple computer, we are going to teach you how to change your skin in Minecraft. Let’s go then!

    Below you can see an image of a typical Minecraft character. His name is Steve and he is the default character created by the Minecraft developers. When you’re playing the game, you can get a good look at yourself by pressing the ‘F5’ key. If you press the same key again, it will change the view and you will be able to see your character up close.

    We know that Steve is decent enough, yet you simply cannot go on playing always looking the same – you will crave change! Plus, the whole process of changing a skin is really easy, so we cannot see why you wouldn’t want to do it.

    How to Change a Minecraft Skin in the PC Edition

    The way to change a Minecraft skin if you are a Windows user the PC/Desktop edition of the game has evolved over the years, and the good news is it keeps getting easier. There are two basic sets of instructions you can follow – that depends on whether you want to pick a new skin from ones featured in the built-in skin chooser in the game or if you want to download one that you have found on the Internet.

    Changing a Skin In-Game

    Minecraft has made it very easy for every player to quickly and effortlessly change their skin to one of those that have been pre-selected from the game creators. You can do this by using the Skin Chooser feature, which is built in the game itself. The only thing you have to do is to just click on the icon of a clothes hanger, which is situated below the image of your character on the main title screen.

    Doing so will take you to the Minecraft Skins Chooser is activated by clicking on the clothes hanger icon under your avatar.

    From here, you can preview and select from a variety of skins. Many of them are free, whereas some of them must first be purchased with Minecraft Coins. The skins that are not free are marked with a white lock icon.

    Changing Minecraft Skins with Downloads from the Web

    Thankfully, you are not limited to the skins you can find in the Skin Chooser. There are actually thousands of different skins that you can download from the Web. Websites like skins4minecraft.com can easily help you with that! The whole process of finding and downloading a new skin is a bit complex, but it could be made very simple if you follow these steps.

     Step 1. Download your new skins

    Minecraft skins are essentially very small images in the PNG format. An uninstalled skin looks like an unassembled paper doll:

    It doesn’t matter where you download the skin – the only thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to remember where the folder you have downloaded your new skin into is.

     Step 2. Log in to Minecraft.net

    Once you have your wanted skin, you should go to your profile on the official Minecraft website. Then you should click on the ‘Profile’ button and log in with your Mojang account.

    Step 3. Upload your skin to the Profile page

    Once you have logged in to your profile page, you should click the ‘Browse’ button and find the folder you have saved your skin into. After you have done that, press the ‘Upload’ button and wait for the confirmation message to pop up.

    Step 4. Enter Minecraft and try your skin on

    Now, all you that you need to do is to log into the game itself. If you are already in it, then leave Minecraft and then enter again. Once you have done that, load up a world and press the ‘F5’ key which will allow you to see your new skin. Looking fancy, do you not think?

    Step 5. Customize your skin from the menu

    Since the latest update to Minecraft, skins are now able to be customized! You can put a coat or a hat on your character, and guess what – you don’t have to install any mods to do so!

    If you want to customize your skin, proceed to ‘Options’ and the to ‘Skin Customization’. Please keep in mind that only the most recent skins are compatible with the latest update.

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