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What Makes a Great Strategy RPG?

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  • As we all know, people are gifted with a great imagination. We often catch ourselves daydreaming about a different storyline in our lives. That’s why most of us turn to television, books, and even games to satisfy that fantasy of living someone else’s life. To further allow us to explore our imaginations, RPG was created. RPG, or Role Playing Games, is about playing a protagonist character in a fictional world. You might wonder because almost all of the games we play are protagonists in a fictional world such as Mario from Mario Bros or Donkey Kong.

    But how does strategy RPG stand out from those kinds of games? Strategy RPG gives the protagonist a race, history, personality, dreams, habits, values, and the likes. It would make you feel like it’s really you who is playing in the fictional world. It gives you the opportunity to know the character. It introduces you its motives and goals. Strategy RPG lets you be the character. Once you connect similarities between you and the character, the more you will engross to the fictional world. Most RPGs have a feature of letting you create your own character to maximize strategic potential.

    Once you’ve become the character, you will want to explore the fictional world. There are places and levels that unlock once you overcome an obstacle or finished a task which means that you can explore more. Aside from the place, there’s also a lot of interaction. Strategy RPG allows you to move objects, open doors, tap on buttons, and so much more. There are also RPGs that has a day and night time which requires the characters to play in the morning and rest at night. With this element, it feels real and relatable. However, this is subjective to your preference as some are more mission focused.

    The great thing about is that it dives deep into human thinking. Game tasks and objectives enhance the character’s personality and skills making them able to advance the story. Players are given the chance to be strategic with the missions. RPG missions are not limiting unlike non-RPGs such as racing games, arcade fights, puzzles and the likes. The variety of missions will help you connect more with the character by knowing their abilities. You would know if the character is ready for the next mission or that you would have to strengthen it more.

    It’s quite common for strategy RPGs to have character statistics with their progression throughout the game so that you can see their gained skills and attributes. Aside from character statistics, you will also see inventory list and maps. The inventory list will show you the tools, weapons, and armors. It sometimes also shows food, medicine, and beverages. These are all useful when you progress in the game. Maps not only show you where you are but also where you should go to further advance in the game. It’s common for most RPGs to also have quest markers which indicate actions to other characters, places, and objects.

    Gameplay is not the only reason why players are fond with strategy RPGs but also because of the story plots. Being the hero of the game, it makes you interested in what will happen next. The usual impression for RPG is that if it has a great storyline, there will be fewer options to further progress the character as opposed to having a not so great storyline but has a lot of options. This impression would mean consequences on the choices you make.

    Strategy RPG will give you great consequences to consider. This is a great tactic to keep you motivated in choosing the right option. An example of this is being in a position of choosing between the character’s love interest or the best friend. Both of the options have their own consequences but it’s your strategy of choosing what you think is best to move forward with the game. This is one of the reasons why RPG is great because it gives you a fresh perspective on the possible things that can happen as the game progresses.

    Essentially, strategy RPG is all about preference. Whether you would want to concentrate on building your character or choosing the best outcome possible. People like having as many available options as possible that’s why knowing that there are endless possibilities in strategy RPGs make it the best option in the gaming world.

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