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Combatting VR Sickness

Virtual Reality is brilliant, being totally immersed in another world and subject to the whims of the games creators and taken to even more fantastical worlds are what dreams are made of, so it’s not surprising that this Christmas sales of headsets (especially Sony) who had a very appealing deal, rocketed.

That is until you begin to suffer slight dizziness, perhaps a little dis-orientation and then maybe some nausea, and if you don’t get out of your new, fascinating virtual world, those symptoms do not get better, they get worse until you can’t play anymore.

Even worse than that, those symptoms which are similar to motion sickness can last for hours after, making the thought of putting that headset back on, quite frankly, unappealing to say the least.

But before you pack away your headset and search out eBay there are some things you can do that will help with VR sickness and hopefully help you to enjoy your time in your VR environment.

Firstly, remember that your brain is telling you that you are moving whilst your body is letting you know that you are actually either sitting down or standing still. This conflict can cause the start of symptoms and to combat those symptoms, limit the time you spend in your VR world, in this way you can build up your tolerance to conflicting data.

Games with a lot of motion obviously can cause more sickness than those with less motion. You can try using the teleport option built into games instead of using the locomotion options. Teleporting from area to area can help greatly and is well worth a try.

Another option would be to play on a VR game that has less movement as playing at an online casino, for example, like best slot sites UK is going to cause far fewer symptoms than say, a game like football that has far more movement involved making those sensory conflicts more acute.

Another tip might sound a bit silly but remember to breathe. When a game becomes exciting then we all tend to shallow breathe which deprives us of oxygen. This alone can cause some dizziness and can escalate the feeling of nausea, so remembering to breathe properly can help combat those feelings.

Any of the above tips can help, and if you are one of those unlucky people who have to manage your motion sickness then you will find that you probably have to also manage your VR sickness, but the effort is worth it in the end.

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