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Bubble Shooter Classic: Game Review

Bubble Shooter Classic is one of those bubble games that you simply must play to appreciate. It is 100% free to download and install this fun game, and it dovetails as one of the best puzzle games currently at the Google Play Store. Rated E for everyone, Bubble Shooter Classic has a stellar 4.3/5 rating from thousands of players. What makes it so captivating is its interactive nature. There are several in-game elements that drive you to complete challenges, advance to higher levels, and collect impressive points tallies in the process. There are plenty of different color bubbles for you to take aim at. Use your bubble shooter cannon to blast away the bubbles on your screen.

Mission command HQ has already issued the directive: Your goal is to clear every level of play – there are 800+ levels for you to get through – and to rack up a points total worthy of leaderboard status.

How does the game play out?

You have to match a minimum of 3 bubbles of the same color – red, pink, orange, green, blue etc., to clear them from the screen. The more colors you match, the quicker you can get through levels. This is where strategy-based gameplay comes into the equation. You have a set number of balls to fire at the bubbles, and when you do, you can advance to higher levels of the game. Of course, the game creators have added in several features to help boost your performance, notably fireballs and bombs. These are some of the most powerful resources available to you to clear game screens and get through all the levels.

To acquire a fireball, you must burst 7 bubbles in a row. The fireball is a blazing inferno that incinerates the bubbles everywhere in its path. For the bomb feature, you must pop 10 bubbles +. The visual effects of the bomb feature are stunning. It blows up everything in its immediate path, helping you to move quickly on to the next puzzle. There are also several other aspects of the game worth mentioning, these are the special bubbles.

  • The Slime Bubble is slippery and slimy as its namesake suggests, adding excitement to the challenge in Bubble Shooter Classic.
  • The Chained Bubbles are only as strong as their weakest link. Find that link and destroy the chained bubbles.
  • The Diamond Bubble got its name from the virtually impregnable strength of diamonds. You cannot pop it, you may as well try and drop it.
  • The Stone Bubble can only be beaten by bombs and fireballs. Once you acquire these resources, you will be better poised to advance through the game.

Best Features of Bubble Shooter Classic

Bubble Shooter Classic takes a throwback game – bubble popping – and wraps it up in the most cutting-edge technology and software imaginable. It’s a nostalgic experience, with all of the interactive elements that tech-savvy players expect today. You get maximum firepower with fireballs and bombs, and there are some other interesting features with different types of bubbles that keep this game exciting throughout the 800+ levels of play. It’s a brain game, and that is always appealing to a swath of players.

You’ll have endless hours of fun with this top-rated, free to play bubble popping game. Remember, you get 3 gold stars for every level you complete, and the complexity of the game increases as you advance to higher levels of play. Perhaps the most striking element of the game is the juxtaposition of the brightly colored balls against a midnight blue/black backdrop. This enhances each of the features you experience, and with the audio cranked up, you are guaranteed to have a good time.

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